There Is No Missing Dagrin Forever With Olamide.


When grassroots-to-limelight Yoruba rapper, Dagrin, died in a road crash in 2010, the lamentation that greeted his passage had hardly died down when some other up-and-coming singers started scheming to fill the vacuum created. As is done when star artistes pass on, they wanted to take advantage of the gap, with some of them not minding becoming new Dagrin.
But as it normally happens in such a circumstance, all of them failed to realise their dreams. The lesson they failed to learn is that, no artiste can really replace another one. That is why no one has been able to replace a Fela, Tupac or Sikiru Ayinde Barrister in the real sense of it. People may try to be opportunistic but it will be extremely difficult to convince listeners or the audience that the dead man has resurrected.

Instead of aping the fallen hero, perhaps the best thing to do is to hone one’s talent and work hard at one’s style, especially if it is close to that of the deceased. If it is done well, the market will have no other option than to look in one’s direction. This seems to be how rave-of-the-moment and weird Yoruba rapper, Olamide has proved wiser than his peers who were trying to ape Dagrin.

Also called Young Erikina, the artiste has demonstrated much versatility in his songs, Eni Duro and Bend down Low, to the extent that he has broken into the league of the big players. While it has been rumoured that a major telecoms player has struck a N25m deal with him, D’Banj’s new strategic romance with Olamide made him (Olamide) the subject on the lips of many followers of the sector. Apart from featuring him in a song, there are reports that the younger act has been signed onto D’Banj’s label, a move that, many believe, is going to be mutually rewarding.

Such a move would naturally make some guys remember D’Banj’s epic divorce with Don Jazzy, and either sees the romance with the younger act either as a survivalist ploy or a strategic one. But the fact is it is a good story for Olamide and a sign that he is doing well and may just be one of the artistes to dictate the space in the next few years.

Although there has not been any official confirmation, D’banj’s younger brother, Kay Switch, welcomed Olamide to the family on Twitter on Wednesday. Tweeting via his handle, @kayswitch, Kay Switch stated, “Welcome to the family, Baddo.” Baddo is Olamide’s nick name. The music star is currently in Atlanta with D’banj for a music performance.



  1. Mai na is oluwajuwonlo.. No be fake jesun lotobe .. Sup baba mi olamide Adedeji am 1 of ur gratest fine I luv u die . Nd luv 2 meet u one on one a day. Bcus u nd wizkid have really encouraged we youth of ur mates.. Watng make my mama like u if she dey watch u 4 Tv gbagbe .. Even make Obama sign u na dem kw see mai own be say ogbeni ma se bi osen se oo dnt change ur ways .. Awon omode wn jo ijo orin ee .. U still make me fill Dagrin is alive bcus am nt filling d impact dat he is dead u just dr 4 me .. U ave actually made me a studio adict. Nw I sleep in studio I kw 1 dey ill be like u .. Nd d wholeword will watch me in screen ..Olamide Adedeji God bless u .. Na as u dey do na so make u dey doo awa tie wa leyin ee Badooo ware ree ooo.. Make I gve u 1 lines b4 I go .. Wn lo rugged iya won .m see wo je rugged man,baba won u dey make den dey cry shee na u flog den chinake why.. I luv chindima chai chineke indinma . See na u mess go pupu bcus am going 2 tell tutu.. Dem say I dey weed na ur busness if u dey vex ogbeni go tell mistress. Omo olusho agutan am nt a ship but just agutan. I remeber 4 bariga wen I dey sell sugar cane we go sell but still no gain no be mai fault but omo 2 make am no be force. Dats all I got 4 u bro .. Street dey waite 4 u we still expectng more baba. New fins dIs time around we dn here all d tracks finish right fm Eni duro to shekowale kolosoke