Too Much Money: Mum Spends £20,000 On Designer Clothes For Her 8-Year-Old Son



He is only eight but this trendy kid is already a step ahead of most of us in the style stakes – with a £20,000 designer wardrobe.

Little Zak is covered from head to toe in top brands, including D&G, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Prada.

The only child owns more than 200 pairs of shoes and even his swimming trunks are Armani.

Yesterday his mum Vicky Antonia, 31, said: “I know it must sound like I am spoiling him, but I just want him to look his best.

“What is wrong with making your son look good?

“He is lovely and if these clothes make him more popular at school I think it is money well spent.”

Glamour model Vicky, who is separated from Zak’s businessman dad, has so far spent £5,000 on her son’s shoes, £10,000 on clothes and another £5,000 on accessories.

Most parents spend around £11,000 on children’s clothing up to the age of 21, a recent LV poll found, but by the time Zak is an adult, Vicky will have spent more than £50,000 on him.

Her family have begged her to cut down on her spending, but Vicky, of Epping, Essex, believes it all stems from almost losing Zak when he was a baby.

He was born at 27 weeks and spent two months in intensive care with bacterial meningitis.

She said: “He is my wonder child and I don’t think it is a bad thing to want to treat your son.”



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