Very Soon Nigerian Youths’ll Chase Politicians Away – Gov. Shettima

Kashim ShettimaApparently frustrated with the seemingly endless cycle of violence and bloodshed unleashed on his state, Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State yesterday warned that if care was not taken, the nation could be consumed by a revolution as Nigerian youths in the not-too-distant future will chase politicians out of power.

Sounding worried, Shettima said the insurgency and insecurity crisis was just a tip of the iceberg.

The Governor made the statement yesterday while receiving a 32-member Senate Joint Committee on the Baga carnage which paid him a courtesy visit before proceeding on their fact-finding mission.

Shettima said: “Underneath the mayhem of Boko Haram, beneath the madness lies the underlying cause which is extreme poverty and destitution which have permeated all spectrums of our society.

“Only and until we address some of these issues, believe me, the future is very bleak for all of us as the current crisis is just an appetizer of things to come. Very soon the youths of this country will be chasing us away.”

The governor berated fellow politicians for being selfish and inconsiderate, stressing that “the most important thing in Nigeria is all about the last election and the next election, that is the only thing that is agitating our minds.

“How we can perpetuate ourselves in power. How much we can steal, how many mansions we can buy in Florida, Dubai and London, this is what agitates the minds of the elite of this country, including you and I.”

Shettima expressed confidence in the senate to act as an independent and impartial arbiter, and that the committee’s report would finally put an end to the controversy surrounding the incident in Baga.

Earlier, chairman of the committee, Senator George Thompson Sekibo, had told the governor that they were in the state to carry out an on-the-spot assessment of the situation in Baga, and make the necessary recommendations to forestall a recurrence.

He added that the committee had even begun its assignment as they had invited some people whose inputs would be required for their report.


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