VIDEO: Teens’ Version Of The Harlem Shake Goes Wrong After A Gas Can Explodes



Just when you thought the Harlem Shake craze was over, some teens have gone and made another version – but it turns out to be a lesson in how NOT to do the Harlem Shake. Shot in a garage, the guy starts off the video by doing the dance on the hood of a car, which for some reason has a red gas canister on it.

His friend in the background tries to set off some fire pyrotechnics to go with the dance – created by New York electronic musician Harry Bauer Rodrigues. As the teen turns around after getting off the hood of the car, he walks directly into an explosion when the firecracker and the gas canister meet. Trying to put the fire out, the boy throws what appears to be a bottle of water on to the flames, only to cause them to grow even stronger.

While everyone in the garage tried and fails miserably to put the fire out, terrified screams from a girl can be heard in the background before she says, ‘This is not funny.’ Watch the video below…