Viera Lashes Out at Football Administrators in Africa.

Senegalese- born French football legend Patrick Viera says that he is proud of the performances of African footballers in European leagues but lashed out at the administrators of football in the continent, saying they are not on the same level of preparedness as the players.

Viera was speaking on a South African radio station Metro Fm, where he has been among a visiting delegation from Manchester City.

Patrick Viera.
Patrick Viera.

“I am happy to see big African players doing well on the global stage. Having said that, it actually makes me sad how an African country has never won or even reach the final of the World Cup,” the former Manchester City midfielder said.

“This actually means that the people who are running our game in Africa and the players are not in the same level, and this is a big problem for the game on the African continent.

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“(Senegal) came close but they did not build on that and everything fell apart after. I believe that the people who are in charge of our game are incompetent and not good enough because looking at Senegal and how well they did at the (2002) World Cup and where they are now is unbelievable.”


  1. Issa Hayyatou is single handedly to blame for the rot, decline and corruption in African Football. People like Viera in his position and vast experience should come together with other African ex-greats and knock out that illiterate together with his band of thieves out of the strong grip on our football admin.


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