War Threats: Arresting Me Will Signal The End Of Nigeria – Dokubo Asari

asaridokubo2Leader of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari has dared the House of Representatives and security agencies to arrest him over comments he made to the effect that there will be no peace in Nigeria if President Goodluck Jonathan is not re-elected in 2015.

Asari, who was obviously smarting from reactions that trailed his comments, said that any attempt to arrest him will mark the end of Nigeria and called the authorities cowards if eventually the threat of his arrest was not carried out.

Speaking in a Press Conference in Abuja Thursday, Asari said he is not bothered over his previous comment on 2015, reiterating his earlier stance that Niger Delta militants will take up arms against the state if their kinsman – Jonathan, is not re-elected for a second term in office come 2015.

His words: “I stand by my statement which I made in my early press conference, there will be no peace, not only in the Niger Delta, but everywhere, if Goodluck Jonathan is not president by 2015, and I want to add that the Fulanis, who migrated and invaded our lands and continue to show disregard and disrespect to the owners of the country they came into, and people have tolerated them for a very long time will no longer continue.”
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  1. Hmmm this man is really a threat to the peace and tranquility of this great nation…government and security agencies should act without hesitation against this man…he should be arrested if government is not affraid ehen.

    • i am a northerner too… but lets be fair, between Buhari and Asari Dokubo who should be arrested first? burari said the country will boil if hes not president, and thousands have died, but Dokubo is only at the threatening stage. who should be arrested first?

  2. Thaz my man… I stand on ur syd. Wot happened to Buhari and Farouk who made a similar comment immediately afer the election and has even fulfilled it?… These lazy fulanis shud becareful if they want unity in the polity.

    • If fulani are lazy u won’t see them all around african countries, I cherish fulani way of life: peaceful and humble. But when you provoke them, then be ready to face the music. They are universal people I know. People like Asari, will face the wrath of God because he is like BH declaring war against state and killing innocent people. Oh God Make no smallest peace stay in Asaris’ heart, cause his blood to solidify/freez, make him complete blind and dump, make his life long while he is in such miserable state . Oh God peace is yours, we ask you shower it in Nigeria. Amen.

    • If fulani are lazy u won’t see them all around african countries, I cherish fulani way of life: peaceful and humble. But when you provoke them, then be ready to face the music. They are universal people I know. People like Asari, will face the wrath of God because he is like BH declaring war against state and killing innocent people. Oh God Make no smallest peace stay in Asaris’ heart, cause his blood to solidify/freez, make him complete blind and dump, make his life long while he is in such miserable state . Oh God peace is yours, we ask you shower it in Nigeria. Amen.

    • I doubt the islam of somebody who is obsessed by tribalism and make threat to humanity. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said he who practices tribalism is not part of us. I feel ashamed when Asari call himself Alhaji or Mujahid, because he’s no different from teh devil in his ways. God Dakubo-asari is arrogant like pharaoh thinking he can give peace and withhold it, God withhold peace for Asari, cause him the disease of forgetting every things,cause him to drown in the creeks as he travels. Amen.

  3. @Abdullahi, yuh are just a fool. Am not suprised u dnt even know any about 9ja bcos u are foreigner… I wish i can trace u now, i wud have shown u some examples. But ‘kosi wahala’ we dey wait una 4 2015, If any bastard from the north shall remain alive. I promise u a total demolission of the north, includung anything that has breath in tha zone. Dirty fulanis!

    • Waaaa shere alaye me , them just slaughter bus load of innocent ibadan traders day before yesterday , they often call yorubas cowards, but yorubas either christian or muslims are not cowards, they always stay , perm, laylow , see things, we dont do gra gra and when we do , we always make sure that when the time comes no one would blame us because we have been patient enough and they pushed several of into a corner and over the edge . If they want war, we won’t run away from them .

  4. There will be ‎​ƝƠ peace in your father’s house…imagine a man threaten the peace of the nation, who are you before ‎​G̲̣̣̣̥O̲̣̣̥D̶̲̥̅̊? Anyway ℓ̊ dnt blame you ß̍ǝ̩ҁọš una born of the same feather

  5. Though i do not entirely support Asari about the threats of D country ending if he’s arrested buh about d fulanis nd idiotic hausas?? Damn… I’d love to be a part of the total annihilation of that specie frm dis country, these idiots have brought soo much pain to dis country and they are d ones with absolutely nothing to offer. Wend dat time comes (i know it will) aboki go know sey we dey look eachoda pass everyday no mean sey brotherly love dey.

  6. hmmmmn all asari is sayin r pure lies o, we fear nobody but God almighty we christians will keep prayin for d will of God to be done in dis country.goliath defile d isrealite for 7 seven good days n d end we all knw wat he got from dat little shepherd david.in God we trust

  7. @kemi Ocholi ‘nigeria God’s own country’ indeed. Anywhere my concern is nt to comment on whether nigeria is God’s own country or nt.
    My question to u and all those who hv bn calling 4 the head of Asari over a comment dat he(Asari) borrowed frm those who want to b President of ur ‘God’s Own Country’,are being FAIR & JUST as seen in other ‘God’s Own Countries’ of the World?

  8. Yes am In full support of asari action it is only fools that will not understand what is going in the country.because nigeria is too big to be one country. Now the so called northers that only consumers who do not have nothing to offer to this country are formating problems see boko haram killing people on daily basis what is the action of house of reps, senate and security agencis let them go and arrest him whether war will not start .

  9. @ahiaba v.u It seems to me dat ur advice nt to ‘be so ignorant’,was neva taken seriously even by you.
    Otherwise hw come u’r asking to kn in which ‘circumstance’ did Burhari made similar comment like the one made by Asari. Well,since u asked I refer u to his campaign rally in Kaduna 2011 and earlier this year when he said “there shall be bloodbathe if PDP riggs electiom in 2015”

  10. I support Asari wit full force,Adamu Ciroma said d same tin b4 2011 election,Buhari said it and some other northerners and nobody arrested dem.Hw can they arrest him?Asari is not crazy,he knws wat he’s doing.

  11. Before d House of Reps think of arresting Asari, d shd canvas 4 d arrest of Gen Buhari who made d same comment on 2011 general election,nd we re seeing d effects nw. I mean his agents Boko Haram re killing both security officers nd innocent citizins.

  12. War is peace; peace is war’……..Im sure d breath of Asari is not demanded….His statement is a sequel of d book of sorrow Buhari, Farouk n oda northerners wrote…..Well I dnt think i can vote in someone dat can strangulate d hope n happiness of d masses…Jonadom may nt be a gud era, Buhadom, I think won’t be anything near 2 better….ONLY GOD CAN SAVE DIS NIGERIA DAT EXIST ONLY IN PAPER WHILE D HEARTS ARE RIP APART BY TRIBALISM N RELIGION..

  13. Am so happy that Asari made this state at a time like this; this is a clear demonstration of what Buhari, adamu ciroma, & all the cpc supporters represents, and have in stock for this country. When a supose highly respected fellow like buhari came up with such an unguarded statement; a promise he has so kept, what would be expected of a war-lord like Asari dokubo at a time a respected citizens of this country are attempting to remind him of his galant days in the kriggs?? What boko harams have forgotton is that; they kill & buried but they are people in this country who kill and eat.

  14. I like dis mans courage,but then i never appriciated the statement he made.how can a single man be a threat to this big country that is dominated by people from all kinds of tribe,it is imposible Nigeria is bigger than any individual this man shud be dealt with.And my prayer is any body,any group,any party or perharps any power or force that saays there will not be peace in Nigeria will see the wrat of God Almigthy.

  15. May The peace of our lord be with us..i use this time to urge all Nigerian they should pray hard because there is war at front ,but the faithful ones will see the end.and i announce to you Mr.Asari that you and your group will not see the end of 2014 because the God i serve has taking over Nigeria because his Children has cry alot and the blood of inncent has cry to him ,God send me to warn you Mr.Asari with Boko Haram,you groups still have more time to change or the Stone of David will locate you and your groups …..God has release all his Angels down to save his people this time ,who ever that will stand to destroy Nigeria will be plunk down by the arrow of the father who sent me to warn you…have a nice to you and every one ready

  16. This į̸̸̨§ a simple fact we just misunderstood †ђξ man.. I don’t blame him cos į̸̸̨§ somhow rit.. Buari made such comment and even carried it out what did the nation do abt it? Noting! S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ I think į̸̸̨§ right…

  17. On no account should any man threaten d peace of his fellow man or dat of a nation. But we must try and b fair to every tom, dick and harry.
    when Gen. Buhari and his colleagues threaten d peace of dis nation n even enforce deir threats into action as many nigerians believe through boko haram, nothing was done to them rather some well meaning northerns like Gov. Aliyu Babangida adviced in not to use such comments. Note, according to report, over four thousand persons have been killed by dis dreaded sect-boko haram, a casualty that can b compared with dat of a civil war. So if d house of rep. and Senate, who has failed d country from d on set, want to seek justice in d arrest of Asari, dey should start with Buhari, Alimodu Sheriff, Senator Ndume and all dat are involved with d unrest of dis nation.
    God bless Nigeria

  18. Nigerians!!! We fear 2 much.we fear wat we can’t visualize,that was wat our legendary fela talked about.Until we make up up our mind n fight 4 our right,4 a very long time,we may continue 2 a slave of PDP and their gamble politics.LONG LIVE 9JA!!

  19. I can some body tell where and when Buhari made any statement that there would be violence in Nigeria if election was rigged? Please give reference. All the lies against this man of integrity should stop. I’m waiting.

  20. As a good and educated nigerian i feel sad to come across to the postings by many, expecially the niger delta. But i dont belame them because they have a very poor lavel of education. What can they do to so called pulani nd hausa, that ther ansestors could do.
    Do they think they are ready? What about boko haram how on earth can you make people to believe that thare is an islamic sect that base it activity on killing his muslim brothers and sisters. Pleace go and read about the histry of nigeria it will make you to know your stand. North is the nigeria.

  21. Asari, you are a great joker of the year. Infact you spoke like God! If not foolishness how can one person think that his arrest signifies the end of Nigeria. So you think that the millitant in Niger Delta have the monopolly of rascality to the extend that Nigeria would be folded because a rat like you is arrested. Infact what every educated south-south person suppose to do if really they want GEJ to win 2015 election is to convince Nigerian with his score card like President Obama did and just like what the Minister of information is doing to convince Nigerian that really this Govt want to transform this country. Instead they ‘ve resolved to threats with people like Kuku who is an adviser to Mr President, then what is he advising?

    • I belive a fool @ 40 is a fool 4ever, tell them asari & kuku r brand new idiots of the highest carbar one kuku does not ve the interest on this country @ heart, secondry he does not know his job i wonder if he went to school, infact does he know the role of an advisor at all? We all know dokubo is a devil incarnate who does not even ve access to his life & 4 his generalization is only him & his house hold that will know no peace. Na ur papa get nija abi fools @40.

  22. Try and see beyond politics and religion, they ave brainwash you against your fellow brothers. The experiences I have been through has thought me a lesson, people are just people, irrespective of their religion; race, Colour, economic status and and personality. The same people you see on your way up, are the same people you see on your way down.

  23. Nigerian youth when will we wake up to reality?evry one is tokin WAR WAR WAR,trust me when it startss asari and co wd be the 1st to jet out of this country,its us d masses dt wd stay behind and take the brunt and horrors.has any1 of u been in a war before?u think what bokoharam is doin is violent.none of u here has evr seen any1 been killed face to face and u come on media and start tokin war.u tnk any1 dt sees a war comes back to his right senses when d war is over?if u ppl cannot learn from civil war and war in other countries then sorry for us all.don’t allow ur youth be stolen from u bcz of d likes of Asari.Asari owns one of d biggest houses in asokoro near allison madukwes house(min of petroleum).He is a big boy to the final level,do uu ttnk war wd come to asokoro or it wd be@each and evry of our doorsteps in states and local govts?any1 one of u dt is advocating for war shd go to borno and fight bokoharam or mali or somalia and other war torn countries or just shut up and face our collective problem or else you are all cowards.NON OF YOU KNOWS WAR SO QUIT ACTING LIKE U R WATCHIN RAMBO AND BLOOD DE HOT.go get a job and be usefull to society.

  24. Most of the comments shows we are confused people all of us. Let rather pray for a solution that will make Nigeria better, if it is war that will make the country better, let it come and go so that Niger will be better.

  25. Evry comment is gud b/cos evrybody is entitle 2 his or her opinion, bt lets nt 4get GEJ is frm Niger Delta nd because his frm minority, we ar seeing being treated no problem northerners nd wicked nigerians ar dealing with him by nt allowing him2 concentraite after his tenure if there’s still a country called Nigeria anybody planning 2 b president should start planning 4rm were he get resorces 2 rule the country 4 sure we dont 2 get 2 Abuja 2 stop Oil money 4rm circulation b/cos we already know how 2 do dat, so no wahala , please continue U’re actions nd donlt stop

  26. Itz gud 2 listen †o pple talk.But 1st ☺f̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​ all letz ask Dokubo,where is Abiola who thot if they carried him USA will rise against the nation i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ his defence.2ndly,pple who had been saying Buhari Α̲̅πϑ Farouk say there will βε̲̣ blood letting if GEJ become the president Α̲̅πϑ they have carried it out;who α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ we †o blame i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ this?Is it not the same GEJ who is clue-less has †o what cld βε̲̣ done †o\about the insurgence,who α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ we †o blame? Α̲̅πϑ its the same clue-less president some1 is crying 4 come 2015.Issue like this shdnt βε̲̣ trashed out on the bases ☺f̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​ arrogancy,nepotism,hooligalism,igorance Α̲̅πϑ foolishness.As̥̊ much as̥̊ what Asari was saying cld βε̲̣ true,there is a better way Α̲̅πϑ better people †o chart the cause.I pity the people he said †o βε̲̣ representing.Is etheir they distance themselves 4rm whatever he does Α̲̅πϑ say now or they α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ ready †o face the music when it eventually started †o play.I wonder what manner ☺f̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​ president will βε̲̣ i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ power Α̲̅πϑ will tolerate all manner ☺f̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​ mis-conducts.If GEJ is not competent let a better replacement βε̲̣ sorted.Let him convince us ☺f̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​ his capability †o steer the wheel ☺f̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​ progress ☺f̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​ the nation.Who cares which tribe the president comes from if he\ she is doing what is expected ☺f̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​ him?No one shoud come Α̲̅πϑ flunt shallowness i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ our faces.Asari should go back †o the garage where he is rightly belong Α̲̅πϑ allow the intellectualz from the south-south †o come forward Α̲̅πϑ lead their causes.If GEJ convince ♍ƺ as̥̊ been a competent hand why won’t i vote for him Α̲̅πϑ if contrary,why should i vote for him?Before oil…Nigeria has been surviving.Don’t βε̲̣ carried a-way,our words,actionz Α̲̅πϑ in-actionz has a way ☺f̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​ coming back †o roast us.What ever we do or say will surely βε̲̣ a measure against us some day,called the future.No arrogance is needed now,the game is diplomacy.Issues no matter how hurting shoudnt βε̲̣ discourse on the basis ☺f̶̲̥̅̊ ‎​ ‘bad-blood’.Let’s βε̲̣ wise as̥̊ a nation.Long live Nigeria.

  27. I cannt say much about what he said becos is nt Almight God,lf God kill him before 2015,what is it want to discuse wit God he should remember “Pharaoh” in the bible am tell the true is nt God who cn shouting like bush cow pls go to hell

  28. Dokubo is barking behind Jonathan, so if Nigerians say they are tired of worst security state so far, inflicted pain of subsidy removal without gain, electricity tarriff jack-up without light, embracing criminality by pardoning the world known criminals, etc and therefore vote GEJ out, is that dog telling us they’ll create a chaotic atmosphere? Ok! Let’s wait and see if our president on seat ‘ll be a dull fool like their child!!

  29. Wat a Threat.Ofcuz dis z treason, he z tryin 2 level war against d Gov’t of dis country. I dn’t knw y Nigeria Gov’t ar afraid of dis Bastard. Wo does he tink he is, Make d me d CJN 2day, n wil I mak sure he Rot Jail, or beta stil Death Sentence.

  30. It is a pity that it is only our country nigeria, criminals go to press and vomit nonsense. Wether asari, boko haram, and others sect like it or not, 2015 there most election and after d election there will still be nigeria. God of gods is in heaven watching.

  31. Let these goats go and ask their mentor(ojukwu).they think they have prepared enough to wage war for total distingration of our dear country.i bet you sure if you begin what you cant end.you will think heaven himself destroy you.we are yoruba people,we are always act like fox to detect danger and like lion to destroy wolves.if u think u can threat northerner,you cant threat nigeria.mark my word,aro to leti loro yin to ndi tan saradugbo anu yin semi.togun bade aro yin ni lati botelo!