Weird Things That Happen When You Fall in Love.


  • Your Brain Acts Like It’s on Drugs


Studies have shown that when you’re falling in love, the rush of chemicals that flood your brain—oxytocin, dopamine, adrenaline and vasopressin—are similar to the types of chemicals released by heroin
  • You May Get a Little Overshare-y

    An hour ago, you were strangers. Now you’re spilling how you slept with a stuffed bunny ’til you were 10. Your brain decides in 20 minutes whether or not a person is trustworthy—so feeling safe swapping stories is a good sign you’re on your way to a solid bond.

    You Get a Spine-Tingling Rush

    You know those shivers that start when you hear an awesome song like “Rollin’ in the Deep” or see a beyond-beautiful sunset? Well, those same tinglies occur when you’re crushing hard on a dude, too.

    Ryan Gosling? Meh.

    When you’re in love, guys you formerly thought were droolworthy lose a lot of their appeal. Scientists believe this is evolutionary: In caveman times, it made sense to stick with a mate long enough to raise a child together. Now? Expect your The Notebook DVD to gather some dust.

    You Don’t Snap at Bitchy People

    When you dig a guy, your brain pumps your bod full of the so-called “love drug” hormone oxytocin—which scientists theorize makes you feel more friendly and sociable.

    You Get Less Headaches

    Who needs ibuprofen? Research has found that oxytocin may actually minimize migraines.

    You Can See It In Your Eyes

    When you see someone you’re attracted to, your pupils dilate. Even cooler? Research has found that people rate faces with larger pupils as more attractive than ones without, so all that eye contact is only making you hotter.

    You Feel Less Stressed

    Kissing decreases the stress hormone cortisol flowing through your bod, meaning a few makeout sessions can totally chill you out.