What My Husband Told Me Before His Death – Turai Yar’Adua

TuraiHajiya Turai Umaru Musa Yar’adua has revealed how her husband, former President Umaru Musa Yar’adua once told her that his relatives would quarrel with her after his death as they would think he had left so much money.

The former first lady who spoke at a memorial lecture in honour of the late president in Katsina at the weekend, also said “the late Yar’adua was not a materialist leader who believed in accumulating wealth. In fact, he shunned material things as his slogan was service to humanity.

“There was a time he said to me that ‘Turai, I pity you because when I die you will have quarrels with my relatives because they will think I have so much money in my possession”, she said.

She said the situation in Nigeria would have been better had the late president survived his ailment because he was a “focused, committed and determined leader”.

“Although my husband was sick for a long time he did his very best for Nigeria. Also as governor of Katsina State, he did his best for the state; he is an honest man who believed in service”, she said.

Extolling his virtues as a leader, Turai said the late President would not give out contract without having the money to pay for it.

“There was a time I approached him that people are complaining that the government was slow. But he said to me people can say whatever they like but I will not give out contract if I have no money to pay.

“The late Umaru was a kind of leader that would go out and monitor projects. I could recall when I used to join him to supervise the projects at Umaru Musa ‘Yar’adua University, Turai ‘Yar’adua Hospital and the roads,” she said.


  1. Hajia Turai, we know these and more about the late president Musa Yar’adua, may his soul rest in peace. And we also know that you where the problem, wen u were the first lady. U are ur late husband were two different people in terms of humanity and aquisation of wealth.

  2. Umar Musa Yar’adua, may ur soul rest in peace, u’r really a great leader a subject to learn a man of honour nd intergrity u’r one in a million, u will alwys b remember.

  3. Turai how I wish you will read these comments. Do you remember the role you played in jos in handling the crises; how you sent rice to churches and mosques and the one you sent to mosques contained… You would have crushed this country if your husband were to alive. Long live Fedral Republic Of Niheria.

  4. Please madam follow the step,of your late husband.Honestly speaking he is the best president Nigeria ever produced.Death why,why the Yaraduas,why not the BH and there follower/sponsors.Why not take,IBB,BUHARI,OBJ,GEJ,POVeRTY,CORRUPTION,PoLITICIians,HOUSE MEMBERs,SENATORS and bring back The YARADUAS,the most honest leaders nigeria still have…

  5. It is undisputable to admit wholistically that Umar Musa Yardua was the best president Nigeria has ever produced. God knows the best. May almighty Allah forgive him and admit him into the highest palace in paradise. Amin.

  6. I wonder why good things never last,oh my leader with the interest of the people at heart.death stole you away without allowing you to execute your seven point agenda.you were the sun that rises in NORTH and set in SOUTH.long live Musa Yar’adua,long live Nigeria,long live his seven point agenda.rest in sir.i will miss you.

  7. He was a good leader. The reason why he die early was because he plan evil against PLATEAU STATE. If you want to succed in your leadership,never plot evil against the Jerusalem of Nigeria-PLATEAU,JOS-JESUS OUS SAVIOUR. JESUS OVER SATAN.

  8. Madam Turai how do you know that your husband would have been the best President for Nigeria . I do not blame you because no one who wil not say his mother’s soup is not sweet and a dead child is always the one that has fat legs. Stop disturbing him and allow his gentle soul to rest in perfect peace .

  9. May his gentle soul rest in peace…this is the kind of leaders we need in this country..my believe is that Yar Adua, if you were alive upto date..only God knws how positive you must have transform this country…i believe for this era he is the only charismatic leader we have that follow the footstep of other charismatic leaders…am hereby calling our leader you should have the fear of God, only God knew the kind of blessing this man(yar adua) is recieving in his grave…do you expect such kind of blessing from God and the prayer of you fellow nigerians?…you must do exactly what this gentle man did to acquire all this kind of blessing…hmm life, the only president in nigeria that ever decrease subsidy for the welfarism of his country people…May Almighty Allah increases his blessing upon you…you deserve no any other name but FATHER…rest in peace father.

  10. Ya’adua,you left Nigeria in to the hand selfish people who are victimize the live of Nigeria.you reduce the price of peltro bt d selfish people increase. We have no option bt accept it at our desting. May his soul rest in peace.

  11. Diff colors…Diff faces…Diff people..everyman to his or ha own idea…but d truth is d gud n bad deeds of everyman speaks volume afta dia death…wat r u doin to contribute ur quota…just as him(Umaru Musa Yar adua) d world is big…full n desperate to get ur POSITIVE QUOTA….Act wise n Act Now…God bless Nigerians

  12. The estimation of earthen analysis without considering insignificants iota of mortal negation, award an excellent grade at the exit of a national legendry former president Umar Musa Yar Adua, this should be a Tatan qualification of comfortability yet we might err by the marking script of Divinity which severally at longerhead with mortal submition, but the mortal documentry about the deceased can make his fruits shine.

  13. When Yar ‘Adua was president, nigerians complained that he was too slow and inactive, some even called him sick president, that he should be removed. But today, the same nigerians are eulogising him. Well, leadership in Nigeria, is a matter of patience, ready to absorb all insults, but do what you believe is right. RIP!!

    • Allah is a murder better you all call Muslim should accept christ and be saved. Islam is a religion of wickedness and it’s only wicked people that practice Islam to unleash their wicked acts. All Muslims are murders and wicked hearted.

    • You can ba born as a Muslim but if you stay as a Muslim you are born with a Muslim wickedness. Only Jesus can save you and me so you better change your wicked heart today and accept christ and be saved.

  14. Jesus is d only way God has lay down 4 man 2 av eternal life,no matter wat grt things one does on earth but didn’t accept christ as his Lord & saviour,all is nothing and in vain<wat shall it profit a man if he gain d whole world and loose his own soul

    • Like you’ve been to heaven and come back, leave sentiments and religion aside its one of the reasons Nigeria isn’t growing positively. With all the churches and mosques we have things still seem to get worse…. that’s because most of these organizations are built on foundations of deceit, lies and corruption. An average Nigerian is selfish and doesn’t care about his fellow neighbour… may Almighty Allah save us from this disease tearing our nation apart.

  15. Nigerians!!! You people no go kill person, not quite long, few years back we all complained he was too slow, he was weak, he does not have the political will to lead Nigerians, now what? All these praises. No doubt he was a good man, an honest man but a good leader who are we to judge when we par took to his early death. Let’s learn to be patient my good people of Nigeria. Everybody is now pointing fingers and cursing GEJ tomorrow another side of us will tell a different story.

  16. Wow, what a World we are in! The best Time never tick long! When people were complaining that Ya’aradua’s government was too slow, they forgot to remember that “Rome was never built in a day….say a decade.” We swallod (buried) the truth because we were blind to see true light! He was a detribalized, committed, humble, man. A people’s man, a true leader! Even in the shortest of time in office, he brought government to the people and vice-versa. May he finds #GREAT PEACE!

  17. I am a beneficiary of the Umaru Musa Ya’aradua’s government…………i could vividly remember that there was steady light on campus (FUTO) which as not been for years, we were very happy and our hopes were very much alive knowing that his government will create opportunities for us to utilize after graduation but sudden our loving president died. May his soul rest in perfect peace………..I LOVE PRESIDENT Umaru Musa Ya’aradua.

  18. We know Late president was not materialistic but His wife Turai is very very materialistics.. If not yaradua is a radical and man of principles his wife Turai could have acummulated all d treasury of Nigeria… common example of Dispute of Land in Abuja… which even Yaradua dont have Land as big as you have….. Money Monger

  19. His a great GEM, Every one knows he’s a man of vision. He has Vision for Nigeria but he could not make it. May God bless the farmily he left behind and give he him etermal life in Jesus Name.

  20. He is a good man and is as gone.let this be a warning 4 our leader on top that u too will die one day and people will talk about your past.remember whatever u `o 2day is a story 2moro.this is another oppotunity 4 u 2 give ur life 2 christ.JESUS is d only way.pls if any of our leader we read this people are suffren.Pls reduce fuel price

  21. May Allah bless the sole of the late Musa Yar’adua.he was a good leader,who meant well for Nigeria.his achievements included the amnesty he granted the Niger Delta militants&reducing the pump price of petroleum.the country was secured under him for the two months he was the president.no massive corruption,no trouble with opposition like what we are witnessing today.

    Nigerians will not forget quickly the role played by hajia Turai during the health saga of the late president.all the intrigues,the lies,the cover up,denial of govt official from seeing him when he was critically ill.

    May his soul rest in peace.Yar’adua was a just leader with simplicity,honesty,rule of law,open door policy&a quiet leader who was determined in doing well for Nigeria.he did well in Katsina as the governor.

  22. Most of the people posting these comments about Yar’adua are not doing it because they love him, it is simply because of religious selfishness and fanaticism, these same people might have said ugly things about him when he was alive, then suddenly, he is their angel or saint who is blameless and without fault. Bunch of hypocrites and religious fanatics. Whatever prayer you offer for him, it won’t change God’s position, only God knows where he belongs. Live right and do good.

  23. My fellow nigerians irrespective of religion, region or tribe, nigerians in this page are all saying gud words to this deseased. The question to be asked is why is everybody saying good words about him? The answer is that, he is an exception to all past and present of our leaders, he lead not to enrich himself unlike others, neither to satisfy his region/people at the expense of others. Why his immediate successor who inherited his chair not doing the same ? Is he not after gud words like these ? God help us grant us leaders of yar’adua type and enforce them on us whether we like them or not from either of the regions south or north. RIP

  24. Honesty is the best policy!.HAJIYA T. Yar’adua what is about you step son’s Babangida and others’ the sons of Haj.Halima. Ex-wife of late uncle Umaru Yar’adua.His soul rest in pa’fect peace.My advise pls think’s well and look solution to ya’adua relatives.B4 you time.

  25. Hajia Turai, is that all he told you before he died? I believe there are many more of which he expects you to share but you kept them to yourself because of ur selfish intrest. I have no doubts you only shared this jst to cover up and backup ur greedy and selfish mission. Thank God death is inevitable and most be tested by each and evry living soul. Turai, if not of ur greed and materialistic life Yar’adua wld have died a SHAHID by handing over the leardership of Nigeria. KIJI TSORON ALLAH TURAI.

  26. We south East youth is using this meduim to great every body for the celebration . I am use this medume to express my view ‘ To send my message across to the current leders to lean from the life of our late prisedent , who was the only person that should have bring tramendus change to our great nation .
    .! I just wish to give you the great thanks for this post . I can be coming again to your blog for soon so to enable me read from you next mtime. May his gentel soul rest in peace .

  27. I had no intention of writing anything, but going through the comments above left me with no choice rather than to say this; Late president Umaru Yaradua was a leader Nigerians will hardly forget soon. What amused me the most when going through the comments was that he was loved by both the South, East and North. He was a leader that ruled Nigeria with NO religious and regional differences. Oh God I pray that you change the hearts of our leaders to rule the country as one nation, rather than for their regional, religious and ABOVE ALL THEIR PERSONAL INTEREST, Amin.

    Lastly, my the soul of umaru yaradua musa (Nigerian Mandela) rest in peace, Amin.

  28. we lost a leader, we all missed you and your petrotic leadership, you were a man of honour and integrity, we love you but Allah love you most, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Umoru Musa Yar’adua # Ameen.

  29. Genesis of country problems greedy kind of human being, their is God Woo! God woo! God woo. Yeye and bad inconsiderable leaders, no any good plan to even them self other then their country. God safe Nigeria, amen.

  30. Being from Katsina state enabled me to have many Igbo friends in the university that iam studying in south-east. Most them said “The main reason why like me as a friend is because iam from the same state with late yar’adua”. This show us that late yar’adua is a person who considered everybody equal irrespective of tribe. May Allah grant him jannatul firdaus.

  31. Hummm were did we start from and were are we going to end it? is it from living to death or from death to living? if you are good sure people will talk, and if you are bad sure people will talk, i always ask accumulating wealth were are sending or taking it to? is it for our children, wives, family or for your self? that they will not taste death or you yourself? and each soul will surely taste death meaning will all die ONE DAY. may Allah forgive us and grant musa yaradua AL-JANNAT FRIDAUSE Ameen.

  32. He is the best president nigeria have gotten so far,you leaders plunging the nations’wealth that law that is as true as the sun will surely take its course on ………dear mr yar adua you brought peace and joy most especially to middle class and lower class nigerians

  33. My sister ur husband has tried so much for this country. Is so unfortunate that good tins don’t last for a longtime. If nt for anytin, d creation of the ministry of niger delta. We missed his disappearance. And I wish d present government will emulate him nt melesketing everywhere. Oh death why? Our broda is nt trying I don’t knw why he is afraid to develop his area. Jonathan wake up and start doing sometin. Have a nice day all.

  34. Hi ladies and gentle, with respect and honor, going by the comment made so far majority are saying good thing about The Gentle President, when u view the last step of every comment you will witness the writters are hoping for him to Rest In Peace all in vain May His Soul Rest In Peace

  35. I will never forget the day hajia turai,the wife of late umaru yardua stop me and my family to see umaru yardua when he was still a governor of katsinal state,she order the security to send us back. pls can somebody tell her to keep her fucking mouth shut and learn how to respect peoples.

  36. The Most Honest And Humble President I’ve Seen Indeed… we loss a great leader who have alot of achievement we will never forget u in our life and we will continues to pray for u to rest in peace and may almighty forgived ur sins to make ur life in the shadow of jannatul piddausi….. r i j f my ex president