Female Teacher Allegedly Locked Student In Classroom Before Molesting Him



It’s starting to feel like parents are walking their child to school and leaving them in that hands of the biggest sexual predators the state can find. A female teacher in Santa Fe, New Mexico was arrested after she locked a male student in a classroom and raped him.

31-year-old Jennifer Vigil made her move on a now 18-year-old student as he was finishing some work at the end of class. Vigil told the student, “You’re not leaving until I get something from you.” The Pojoaque Valley High School student said he refused to have sex with the teacher, but did allow her to perform oral sex on him so he would be able to leave. As Vigil was performing her sex act on the student, he pulled his phone out and snapped photos which he handed over to police.

The teacher and student did have sex a few days later. When questioned about the nature of their relationship, Jennifer Vigil said the pair did have sex but it was consensual. The student refutes Vigil’s claims, saying he found the whole ordeal “disgusting.” Despite who believe, in the state of New Mexico, if you are in a position of power when the act takes place, it’s considered illegal.

Police are investigating whether or not the relationship happened before the student’s 18th birthday. vigil has been suspended from her job and is currently facing two counts of sexual penetration of a student. Her bond is set at $25,000.