Woman Run Over 3 Times By Own Car

A newspaper deliverywoman was somehow run over three times by her own car during a botched parking job Wednesday morning. It happened in Trois-Rivieres, Que., about halfway between Montreal and Quebec City, her newspaper said on its website. The woman confused “park” and “reverse” on her gear shifter prior to exiting the car, according to Le Nouvelliste newspaper. The door struck her and she fell to the ground, where the car passed over her leg. She twice managed to get up and try to grab the wheel but tumbled both times, with the car running over her leg a second and third time. The deliverywoman finally gave up and limped to a nearby house to call for help.

All the while, her driverless car continued to circle in reverse. Police officers arrived and managed to stop the out-of control car. The woman was taken to hospital with severe leg injuries.


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