Yar’Adua’s Unfulfilled Promises To N/Delta People Behind Calls For Jonathan’s Re-election In 2015 – Kuku

UMYAThe many unfulfilled promises made by the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua to the Niger Delta people to secure amnesty from the region’s militants is at the root of the brewing tension in the region as well as heightened calls for President Goodluck Jonathan to stay in office beyond 2015.

Presidential Adviser on Niger Delta, who also doubles as Chairman of the Amnesty committee, Hon Kingsley Kuku, who made the revelation in Abuja on Tuesday, also said that then Vice President Goodluck Jonathan, who is the incumbent President was mostly kept out of major meetings that led to the procurement of the Amnesty.

Kuku cited government’s failure to fulfill the promises years after Yar’Adua’s  death as reason for fresh tensions in the region.

Kuku said he decided to speak out a bit and expose some of the happenings during the Yar’Adua era as, according to him, “the time was becoming so extraordinary.”

The presidential aide maintained that the Niger Delta people have not seen the implementation of the total package and noted that 99 percent of the entire package was yet to be implemented, apart from the programme of disarmament, demobilization and reintegration.

He said, “The new towns project that were agreed upon between the leaders of the agitation and Yar’Adua-led government at a time which did not bring in the then VP, the current president, has not commenced; we have not seen new towns, we have not seen, as Niger Delta people, those new towns.”

Included in the entire package yet unfulfilled is the regeneration of theNiger Delta’s environment, offering of opportunities to ex-militant leaders into the oil and gas industry as well as offering of economic lifeline to them.

Others, according to Kuku are the construction of a coastal line from Lagos to Calabar, establishment of three higher institutions in the region by the Federal Government and completion of the East West Road as well as provision of houses, cars and other incentives to the ex militant leaders.

Kuku said allowing Jonathan to get re-elected will allow for the completion of the projects.

He said, “Immediate effort by the Federal Government and as part of the agreement to compel government’s commitment and good faith in the agreement was that houses were going to be provided for them (militant leaders), mobility was going to be provided for them, most especially economic lifeline so they don’t return to the creeks and continue their agitation for an excuse of government’s breach of commitment.”


  1. Francis, you’re not slaves. Fact is, the region was over neglected for too long. This is what led to the militancy we are talking about today. The elders tried dialog, they were thrown into jail some of them got killed when they became too vocal. So, the youths took up arms against the state but you called them criminals. They went to other places and saw development and when they returned back home, they saw underdevelopement stare them in their faces. What do you expect from them Mr Francis? Clap and dance for the system? Depravation? How was it shared before now? The time of Cocoa, Groundnut, Hides & Skin, Coal and others, what was the sharing fomular? Was it not 50%? Now, it’s Oil what is the percentage? Before oil, what was the Federal presence you could point to at the Niger Delta Region? So, Mr Mr Francis, nothing the Niger Deltan people demands for should be viewed as too much. We should only concern ourselves with the mismanagement and stealing of the funds by the Governors. The Governors should account for the funds and develop the region. They should have the fear of God. Now, at the end of destructions in the North, they are going to start reconstruct with Oil money. They are also talking of Armnesty. From where are they expecting that fund? Oil money. And you say the Niger Deltans are demanding for much. For now, the Niger Delta remain the Golden Hen that lays the Golden Egg Mr Francis.

  2. What has Jonathan done in the years that he has spent as the president of this nation? Is he going to say that he DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE PACT THAT WAS SIGNED DURING YAR’ADUA’S REGIME? Who is fooling who? Is it until when he comes for another four-year term that he is going to fulfil the agreements? Will he say that he does not know the problems of the Niger-Deltan people while he is still the president? What is the assurance that Jonathan is going to be the right choice? Is Asari Dokubo and Kingsley Kuku God, that they are of certain that its Jonathan that will solve the problems of the region? Is it only the militant leaders that are to enjoy the pact of the amnesty? Let us not lie to ourselves, everyday is for the thief, but one day is for the owner. GOD WILL JUDGE EVERYONE!

  3. Mr Owobi francis, do knw the word relative deprivation, the niger deltans have been deprived for too long, so lets not start talking about king and slave here. Like wat mr BBking rightly said, brother u need to visit the niger delta region and see for urself how people are dying of porverty every day. This is the back bone of nigeria (niger delta region) and yet no tangible federal government projects. How do u want the citizens to feel, be happy about it. Talking about the re-election of goodluck dats not my biz, wat i need is development from the federal government to the good people of the niger delta region.