10 Great Outdoor Dates Ideas To Spice Your Relationship.


“A perfect date is not too hot and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket”. And she’s right. And what better way to celebrate spring than with your significant other? Steer away from the cheesy dinner-and-movie dates and think outside (literally) the box with these fun date ideas.

1. Picnic in the Park
A daytime outing with your significant other is the perfect way to enjoy the weather. Bring out the inner kid in you and find a local park with a large grassy area. Make sure to pack fun activities, such as a Frisbee and bubbles. Not sure what to pack for lunch? Check out foodnetwork.com for quick recipes even the most novice chef can master.
2. Drive-in movie
The standard drive-in was the “go-to” place for dates during the 1950s, but no need to dash out your poodle skirts and bobby socks. If you don’t have a drive-in theater near you, rent a projector and show the movie on the screen—you’ll get the same effect. Drive-in movies take the standard movie theater date to a whole new level, and what could be better than watching a movie with your sweetie in the moonlight? And on that note…
3. Snuggle under the stars
Take the time to put those astronomy skills to good use and spot Orion from the Big Dipper. Make a fire and roast marshmallows, and curl up with a blanket, just the two of you. Bonus points if you stay up late to watch the sun rise.
4. Games
The  season  Game is under way, and there is no better way to enjoy the weather than a day at the ballpark. Even if you’re not a sports fan, your boyfriend will appreciate you taking one for the team. If major-league game tickets are out of your reach, try going to a minor-league game. Cheap, fun, easy and perfect
5. Bike Riding
Rent a bicycle built for two and find a bike path near you. Make sure to look for a location where you can enjoy the scenery and each other’s company.
6. Rent a Boat
If you’re lucky to live near a marina or lake, rent out a boat and set sail for the day. Not the sailing type? Find a nearby pond and rent a canoe or rowboat, and pull a Noah and Allie a la The Notebook and paddle your way across. Nothing could be more romantic.
7. Hiking
Break away from the city life and venture out into your local neck of the woods. Pack hiking boots or a comfortable pair of sneakers, two water bottles and your camera. Not only will you get a great workout, but you’ll be exploring the beauty of the outdoors. Google search trails near you that suit your level of difficulty for you and your date.
8. Miniature Golf
There’s no such thing as being bad at miniature golf—so grab your dude and bust out your competitive side. Play a few friendly rounds at night, and be sure to avoid the water! Have the winner pay for the next outing, and you’ve already scored another date. It’s a win-win situation.
9. Amusement Park
I don’t know about you, but it took me until I was 15 to finally be tall to go on all the roller coasters I wanted to ride as a kid. From the adrenaline rush and clinging on to your sweetie to playing the carnival games and eating cotton candy, this is one date idea not to pass up.
10. Concert
One of the best things about spring is that it is the start of outdoor concert season. A lot of big-name acts are touring, and the atmosphere of enjoying live music is amazing. While Lollapalooza 3-day passes may have sold out, check to see if your favorite artists are heading on tour near you. But if you’re not looking to shell out money for a popular show and mingle with large crowds, look to your local paper for upcoming free concerts.