11 Signs You’ve Been Friend-Zoned

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The friend zone is a tricky thing. So tricky, in fact, you may not even know when you’re standing right in the middle of it. For all those times you’ve wondered where you stand, we’re breaking down the signs that your crush just wants to be friends. Scratch that — these GIFs are breaking it down for you crystal clear. Get clicking and start facing the truth, whether it’s good news or bad news (in which case, you deserve a hug

He’s Way Too Comfortable Around You

He’d Rather Watch TV Than You

He Asks Your Advice About Other Girls

You Try to Get Affectionate, to No Avail

He Says You’re Like a Sister to Him

You Never Hang Out Alone

This Is How He Explains Your Relationship-We are just Friends

Your Charms Are Lost on Him

There’s Always Something in the Way of Intimacy

This Never Happens*wink* at you



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