2015: I Could Be PDP Presidential Flag Bearer – Lamido

Sule-LamidoMuch touted presidential hopeful and Governor of Jigawa state, Alhaji Sule Lamido, has declared that the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) is a large party and anyone of its members can become President in 2015.

Lamido, who is widely believed to be nursing a presidential ambition in 2015, was speaking in an interview with Channels Television where he narrated his chances of clinching the PDP ticket for the forthcoming general elections.

He said, “Anybody in the PDP can become the President,” adding that “It can be me; it can be Jonathan or anybody”.

Lamido, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Olusegun Obasanjo administration, also restated his firm belief in the democratic tenets of nomination just as he said it will be selfish and arrogant of him if he declares such an ambition without the essential nomination by his people.


  1. Lamido you can only be an aspirant not a flag bearer,because I know your weight & your supporters weight is too small to march Jonathan’s own,any way we know you might be the flag bearer in your newly adopted party APC.

  2. Cleden u hv startd ur useless n tribalist statement.don’t 4 if u even hv gud memories.Sule Lamido was 1 of d die hard supporter od GEJ in 2011 election.so if he spoke him mind dat he wans 2 run 4 president jst like Ameachi,is it a crime.or bcoz GEJ has failed d nigerians pple den u ar talkin rubbish.dat shw u dat GEJ is going 2 loose diz presidency.watch n see.sule Lamido will join APC bcoz he”s among doz dat founded d PDP.GEJ jst join by luck n mistake.idiot

  3. @ Cleden; what is gud 4 the geese they said is equally gud 4 the gander . Can’t U people at least see sense in what the learned politicians speak, simply b/cos they’re not from ur area? U have to take into cognisance that the likes of Sule lamido ‘re the founding father’s of PDP & not just mare opportunist , U should’nt expect him to forsake the party to which he was instrumental to its formation. We live to see how the 8 yrs appropriation term for elected president ‘ll be defeated, b/cos if gej ‘ll re – contest & won the election, it means he alone is being favoured by the constitution to rule Nigeria for 10 years.


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