2015: Igbo‘ll Deliver S-East Votes To Jonathan – Orji

Nigerian-president-Goodlu-007Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State has said people of the South East would remain unshaken in their support for President Goodluck Jonathan, noting that they were poised to deliver the region to Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

According to Orji, supporting President Jonathan remains the only way the bread of the Igbos will be buttered.

In a statement by his Special Adviser on Public Communications, Mr. Ben Onyechere, Orji said anybody insinuating the contrary was merely telling lies as “we have learnt our lessons.”

He said: “It is true that it is high time an Igbo man became President of this country,  but from all indications, we are not far from that promised land, and the PDP is the only platform to actualize that dream.

“If you take a census of the PDP governors in the South-East, you will discover that they are working very hard  to assuage the sufferings and needs of the common man without playing to the gallery.

“This fact is verifiable in the public domain. The prioritization of projects and welfare of the people is a common denomination characteristic of PDP governments which is clearly an indication that we are not leaving anything to chance.

“The government of President Jonathan is not only favorable to the igbos but also very generous in funding  projects which run across the North and South, for which he had been widely acknowledged by our brothers in the North.

“One of such instances is the recent commissioning of the Zungeru power station in Niger State.

“We are not unaware of the tricks by opposition to provoke him to a reactionary  status  that may be inimical to the unity of the country.

“We are also gratified by his mien and his deliberate policy of glossing over such gang-ups with the wave of the hand because no amount of gerrymandering can affect the popularity the  President whose actions are stewed in a respectable candor.”


    • Who you want vote for b4, na Buhari or APC wey they bring northern candidate? JONATHAN’s govt has been fair to us both in position and policies. Unless APC brings an Igbo man as candidate, na jona oh. Can’t u see the comments pple like Buhari, junaid Mohammed and co are making, can’t u see the hatred this northern APC leaders have for the ibos? Voting APC with a non Igbo candidate is a political suicide. For the first time in recent times an ibo son was appointed chief of army staff, and the core northerners were not happy hence they resorted to blackmail. They also blackmailed Ngozi Okonjo Iweala because of her position as coordinating minister. Stella Oduah was also accused of employing only the igbos, all by this northern APC henchmen. Na Igbo man wey no get sense go vote APC with a northern presidential candidate.

  1. Chineke Kpoo kwa gi oku anu ohia, idiot. who made you the mouth piece of the Igbos? When governor are talking animal like you will also open your dirty mouth to talk. Listen Theodore Orji or what ever you are called, you deserve to be hanged or better still killed by stoning. What impact have you made in the life of the Abians? You made that state the most backward state in the entire world, God will punish you. Like father Like Son. Why won’t you vote Jonathan? imbecile

  2. Gej govt might not b all dat gud if we truly say,but d northers dat has being head of state b4 democracy wat impact has dey create in nigeria development,dat Gej has not being all dat gud isnortheners,dey want 2 distract him,we d igbos r giving our mandate 2 president jonathan nd 2 no oda person Buhari nd co should go nd sleep he can neva b president again til he die.