3-year-old Accidentally Commits ‘Suicide’ In UAE


A three-year-old Emirati girl died on Saturday after getting tangled in a window blind cord at her house in Dibba, Fujairah, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates.

The girl was identified as Maha Sultan Mohammad.

Her father told Gulf News that the incident happened on Saturday night while he was out and her mother was busy cooking dinner.

Apparently, the child was playing outside with relatives but then entered the house without her mother noticing her. She climbed in a chair and then got caught in the cord of the window blinds.

Noting the child’s absence, Maha’s mother started searching for her, only to find the three-year-old girl hanging from her neck, several feet off the ground.

A family member and her mother took Maha to a hospital in Dibba, Fujairah. But the child was pronounced dead on arrival.

The grieving father called on the authorities to warn residents of the risks of such cords.

“A hospital report stated that Maha had accidentally hanged herself. She got caught up in the bottom curtain string and it was wrapped around her neck. And her mother found her, she was not moving, she was just lying there,” he said, crying.

Major Saif Al Zahmi, Director of Dibba Fujairah Police, said that the police operations room was alerted to the incident at around 8.30pm.

Police patrols and forensic laboratory experts investigated the scene to make sure there was no foul play in the child’s death.

Dibba Fujairah Hospital and a police report shows it was a tragic accident. Prints of the cord were found around the child’s neck. [GN]