5 Ways To Work Out Like A Celebrity


If you want to burn calories fast, you’ve got to raise the intensity. Skip the jog, and instead, attend a kickboxing class. Within one hour, you can burn 500 or more calories. And instead of focusing on just your abs or arms, this all-over body workout tones everything.

3-Day Cleanse
We’re not advocates of crazy detox cleanses. (All you’ll do is slow your metabolism). However, cutting out all processed foods for three days will flesh all the bad stuff out and give your metabolism a little kick. Stick to a diet of greens, lean protein and low-sugar fruit, like berries.

Cut Out Sodium
The simple act of cutting out excess sodium will eliminate water weight (and that icky bloating around your middle). Check labels in processed foods, like frozen dinners and salty snacks. You shouldn’t be consuming more than 500 mg of sodium daily.

Exercise In The Morning
An easy way to boost your metabolism is by working out in the morning. Even if you don’t have time to hit the gym, a 15-minute routine can do the trick. Create a routine of equipment-free exercises like planks, squats, and bicycle crunches.

Swap Out High-Calorie Drinks
You can eliminate hundreds of calories daily just by cutting out high calorie drinks. Juices and even milk pack in a lot of sugar that slows the metabolism, causing the sugar to be stored as fat around the stomach. Instead, drink flavored waters, like Hint Water, that derives its taste from fruit, not artificial sweeteners. And don’t forget about high calorie cocktails! With happy hour season in full swing, swap your pina colada for a lower calorie vodka soda.