7 simple steps that would make her say YES!

I understand you have always wanted her, but she wouldn’t just co-operate! Your heart race every time you see her, but she insisted that she wouldn’t date you….. Here are things you should do that would make her change her decision and give you a big YES!

1. Turn your weaknesses to strength. What are those things that might have made her say a ‘no’ at first? Work on them!

2. Be fashionable. This doesn’t means you have to go about in all the designer wears. Just ensure you dress properly, be neat and have a high self esteem. Be courageous as well.

3. Quit chasing after her. Chances are she would get distance herself away from you if you continue to run after her.

4. Find out what are interests are – Dancing, baking, writing and travelling are some of the activities enjoyed by girls. Know what hers are, and learn them. Enjoy doing them too.

5. Find a way to meet her on neutral grounds and be her friend. Be free with her and give a helping hand when required.

6. Make friends with her friends. This is another way to get close to her.

7. Be humorous. Let her see the lively aspect of you, she would know you are cool to be with!