8 Women Killed In Syria By Government Forces

Syrian army

At least eight women and girls were killed overnight, as forces loyal to President Bashar Al Assad pushed ahead with an offensive against rebels near the border with Jordan with intense shelling, activists said Friday.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the shelling overnight targeted the village of Karak, in eastern Daraa, and killed four women and four girls.

A video posted on a Facebook page of activists from Daraa showed the bodies of the women and children allegedly killed in the shelling wrapped in blankets placed on the ground of a home. Another video from the village showed residents carrying others wounded into vehicles amid wails by women and children and signs of panic.

No one could say if the videos were genuine, but they seem so, and were consistent with other reporting of the events.

More than 6,000 children are among the some 93,000 people killed in Syria’s more than two-year-old conflict which started with largely peaceful protests against the rule of President Bashar Assad, according to a United Nations estimate.