9 Makeup Mistakes That Add 10 Years


Intimidated by wearing makeup? Do you think it makes you look older than you are? You’re in luck, I’ve got all the right techniques to achieve a young fresh look at any age!

Mistake #1: Using Too Much Foundation

There’s nothing worst than seeing a gorgeous woman with tons of makeup on. #TeamTooMuch. Let’s scale that effort back a bit, and try something new. .

Mistake #2: Over-Concealing Your Under-Eye Circles

Everyone doesn’t need a concealer under their eyes. Instead, only use your concealer for dark spots.

Mistake #3: Wearing Deep, Dark Lip Colors

Although I adore the new dark lippy trend, I have to be careful not to look like my mother circa 1976. Add a lighter lip liner to dumb down the dark shade a bit.

Mistake #4: Finishing with Powder

You’ve just covered your face in the perfect brown shade of creme foundation. Now you’d like to set it with powder. Opt for a sheer translucent powder that will add a glow to your look.

Mistake #5: Wearing Black Eyeliner

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t wear liner altogether, however, you do know that they make other colors right?

Mistake #6: Going Overboard with Lip Liner

The 80′s may go down as the worst decade of makeup ever in my book. Instead of using your standard dry lip pencil, find a smooth creme based pencil for a much softer look.

Mistake #7: Skipping Blush

Think of blush as the tool that will bring back all those youthful fun years of your life. Find a rosy pink color and go bonkers on your cheeks.

Mistake #8: Applying Lipstick Straight from the Tube

I know this is common practice but trust me, try using your finger or a lip brush as an applicator. Be sure to scoop a bit of lipstick on the back of your hand so you don’t apply too much.

Mistake #9: Choosing a Too-Dark Eyebrow Pencil

Did you know that your brow color actually fades as you age? Me either! So be sure to choose a shade (or two) lighter than your own natural brow color. Otherwise you will look much older and perhaps like a contestant on “RuPaul’s Drag Race”.