ACN Faults Presidency Reaction To Tinubu’s London Speech

Lai-Mohammed2304The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) on Wednesday described as “unnecessary and diversionary” the manner in which the Presidency responded to a speech by former Governor of Lagos State,Senator Bola Tinbu in London.

In a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, ACN party noted that instead of reading the Tinubu’s speech objectively, the Presidency resorted to denigrating the former governor and the party.

“The Presidency went after the messenger, rather than the message,” the statement said, adding that the Presidency rehashed “its old cliches about the ACN and its leader for daring to carry out an objective analysis of the state of our economy as well as the state of the nation and suggesting the way forward.”

It also urged the Presidency to counter what the ACN national leader said by telling Nigerians how the economy had fared under the Peoples Democratic Party-led Federal Governments since 1999.

The ACN said, “This is how to counter any perceived incorrect assertion by any critic, instead of engaging in name calling.”

Beside, the party dared the Presidency to prove to Nigerians that the country’s leadership in the past 14 years had “been visionary, disciplined and courageous – what Tinubu described as the ‘missing link’ that has led to the retrogression of the three key drivers of development.”

The ACN noted, “As Asiwaju said the gap between poor and rich widens. There is grinding poverty and people have to work twice as hard each day to make ends meet. There is massive unemployment. Of what use is any leadership that does little to solve these problems?”

It also urged the Presidency to deny that it had turned the one man, one vote concept, on its head, especially considering the recent developments following the outcome of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum election.


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