[Advice Needed] Can I find True Love Despite My Disability?

Dear Tee,
Will I ever find a girl that would love me? I was born with all the parts of my body intact, but something happened when I was a kid and I lost my leg. I use an artificial leg on the left. Girls admire me a lot in school, but when they find out about the leg, they leave. It pains a lot. Tee, would I ever find love with this disability?
Musa from Nassarawa .

Dear Musa,
Its sad to know about your leg, I am very sorry. Anyway, do not be bothered about it! The fact that you are alive is a blessing. Also, a girl that would not leave you would come around…. sooner, sooner than you think. Don’t feel bad at all, be happy, be cheerful because people take you the way you take yourself. Don’t indulge in self pity, be proud about who you are! A girl that would respect all these and stick with you would come around.
Wish you well dear.


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