[Advice Needed] He dumped me for a rich lady, now he wants me back! What should I do?

Dear Tee,

Last year February brought pains to me as that was when my boyfriend dumped me for a wealthy lady. He said he would only marry some one who is capable of supporting him financially. He works in the bank and that was were he met this lady. Now, he wants me back! This is simply because I am now financially okay because I got a job last year december. It is a very good job and last month, I bought my own car. Should I allow him back into my life? Besides, he is still somehow with the lady because I saw them together last weekend, but he did not see me.

Awaiting your response,
Bolu from ABJ.

Dear Bola,
It is obvious this guy is a fair weather person! He only stays where there are goodies. Please move on with your life. Also, he is with his new girl friend – you don’t want to be an option, I guess. Forge ahead, someone better would come around.

With Love,

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