[Advice Needed] He won’t stop beating me, I am scared to marry him! What should I do?


My boyfriend is very hot tempered, he beats me up every time we argue. There was a time I was on admission in the hospital because of the severe beatings he gave me. He said he would never do that again, but he did not stop. I love him so much. Last month, he said we would be getting married in July, that is next month. I am scared because of his violent nature, but I do love him. Should I go on and marry him? I can’t afford to lose him, please help!


Dear Linda,
Marriage is not a child’s play, its not a short term agreement as well, that is where you would spend the rest of your life. Do you want to live with this kind of person forever. Why not calm down? Advise him to see a counsellor or a doctor because studies show that excessive anger is a defect. Let him see these people and then watch him closely for the next three months. Tell him you would like to keep the marriage on hold. If he is able to overcome this outburst of anger, then you can proceed on your marriage. If he does not, I would not advise you to marry someone who would abuse you for the rest of your life.