[Advice Needed] How do I convince my husband that he is the father of our child?

My husband and I have been married for the past 12 years. Last month, he came back home from work and started acting strange. After days of persuasion, he told me he is doubting the paternity of our first child. I am very sure he is the father because I never slept with any man aside him since we got married. Now, I don’t know where all that is coming from! I am devastated here, help!

Dear wiffy,
It is pathetic that you are going through this right now. But not to worry, you would be fine since you are sure he is the father of your baby! Discuss with him, if he is not cooperating, advise him on a DNA test for the child! I am sure he would apologise to you after the confirmation. But at the moment, you ve got to be patient with him and let endurance take over you. All is going to be fine. Take care.

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