[Advice Needed] How do I make him stop cheating on me?

Hello Tee,
It is so confusing why men cheat! I am in love with this cute guy. We started dating back then in the university. Now, we both have good jobs. He claims to love me, but he keeps on bringing one girl and the other to his house. I have met them on many occasions. And he would always apologise and promise never to indulge in such again. But, he never stopped! Do you think something is wrong with me? How do I stop him from cheating?
Yours O. J.

Dear O. J.
I am sorry about what you are passing through. I believe you should sit him down and talk to him. Ask him the reasons why he does that. Personally, I feel one does not have to be wrong or defective before partners cheat. Also, you can never change anyone, but you can be the reason for change in your partner. Talk to him, if he doesn’t amend his ways, take a break and sees what happens. It might be hard to let go, but it is always better to be with a faithful partner!


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