[Advice Needed] I am attracted to my cousin, what should I do?

Dear Tee,
I know this might sound weird, but I need you to advise me. I am physically attracted to my cousin. She started staying with us last month. She came to live with us because she has to do her industrial training in a bank that is just few distance away from our house. She is not helping matters too as she comes to my room, lie down carelessly on the bed and do naughty things with me. How do I avoid this temptation, its killing!


Dear Eze,
This is a situation that requires you to be very watchful and careful. She is your cousin, she is supposed to be your sister as well. Treat her like one. Also, sit her down and talk senses into her. Tell her about moral values and what the society expects of you. Don’t allow her in your room. Don’t stay at home alone with her. Let her know what you stand for. Correct her gently, and if you need to be firm….please be. Wish you well.


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