[Advice Needed] I am not sleeping with my lecturer! How do I convince his wife?

I am in my final year in the University of Abuja. There is this lecturer I am close to. We are so close that he tells me things about his home. Although he once asked me out,but I told him I am not interested. He didn’t disturb me after then and we continued to be friends. Last weekend, his wife who also lectures in the same school, but a different department called me on my cell phone and threatened me. She said she has heard of how I am flirting with her husband, and that I should just be aware that I wouldn’t graduate from that school. She also said that by the time she frustrates me, I would be left with no choice but to leave the school. I was really surprised and afraid, I never had any thing with her husby. How do I convince her that I am innocent of her claims?


Dear Funky,
I am sorry that you are in this situation. However, do not panic. There are people giving your lecturer’s wife information about you two. I understand she is only protecting what she has. And she knows the kind of person her husband is, judging from the fact that he asked you out. I think you should just stay clear of him, stop visiting him in the office and stop hanging out with him. Your academics is in danger here, she can do anything to make you stay longer in that school. You don’t want to keep failing a particular course each year, you don’t want to be struggling with school when you are supposed to be working. You won’t need to convince her if you stop communicating with him, because those same people who told her about your closeness to your lecturer would also tell her how you stopped seeing him after her threats. Wish you the best in your academics.


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  1. You two are love birds, u see that the problem. No need to convince him while you have your actions. Actions speak louder than voice if u thick your education is uncompromisable then ur relationship must be compromised in sacrifice to ur educational life.


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