[Advice Needed] I am terrified by my wife ‘s lack of education! what should i do?

Hello Tee,
My wife is an illiterate. This I am not proud of as, I am someone who appreciate education. I never intended marrying her, but circumstances came up, she got pregnant and ended up in my home, as my wife! It is so bad that she cannot communicate when my friends come visiting, as she has a bad command of English Language. This is embarrassing! What should I do?

Dear Olu,
I understand the point you are trying to make here. However, circumstances or not, she is now your wife! Its never too late to start. She can attend a part time adult literacy school which would allow for her ‘matrimonial upkeep’ as well. Encourage her! Enjoy your marriage!


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  1. God has blessed your marriage with kids,so that circumstance that warranted your relationship was divinely cemented.There is no share of regret.Moreso,education,time and age are just components to determination,so I encourage you,encourage her to improve.