[Advice Needed] I dont Know Who The Father Of My Baby Is! What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
I am pregnant for a month now, but I don’t know the father of my baby. I have two boyfriends and they are both loving. I am a student of Benson Idahosa University, and my two boyfriends are working. I slept with both of them during the time I got pregnant, I never wanted to sleep with the second guy, one thing led to the other and we made love. Now, I am confused about who the baby belongs to. What do I do?


Dear Sandra,
This is a dilemma you are in. However, you would not want to give the child to the wrong father. One reliable way is to carry out a DNA test. With technology, they would carry out a DNA of your foetus and your boyfriends. Then, the paternity of your baby would be determined. You should see a medical doctor for more instructions.
Hope this helps.



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