[Advice Needed] My Babe Is A Call – Girl, What Do I Do?

Dear Tee,
I fell in love with this girl. It was so un-usual, because I don’t fall in love with girls. When I date them, we just have fun and then I go my way. I had no time for love, until I met this very girl. There was nothing so special about her, but somehow I was drawn to her. She makes me happy and gives me joy, I just have great affections for her. Hmmmmmn! Some days back, I went through her phone….. What I saw amazed me. The girl I love is a typical call girl. I saw different messages from men telling her they enjoyed her and so on. I saw some invites to hotels as well. I saw the nude pictures she sent to men. I almost died of shock. I kept the phone back and pretended nothing happened. Till now, she doesn’t know that I am aware of her ‘runs’. I so much love this girl, but I can’t date her any longer because of what she is doing. What should I do?


Dear A. J.
This is really sad. I don’t really understand why some girls do stuffs like that. But I think its high time to move on with your life. You falling in love with her means that you can love someone…and that’s a good thing. Tell her of your findings, advise her to get a life and stop being promiscuous; so many veneral diseases out there… Also, tell her how you can’t date her any longer, except you change your mind to forgive her and continue with her. Forge ahead, you would surely get a girl who would be faithful to you.
Wish you all the best.


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