[Advice Needed] My Boyfriend Is Angry Because I Did Not Inform Him That I Am A Single Mother. Please Help!

Dear Tee,
I am a single mother, but I never told my boyfriend. We started dating a year ago. We love each other deeply, he takes care of me a lot. I did not tell him I have a child because of my past experience. When I tell the guys I dated in the past, they leave me with one reason and the other which are not genuine. After my findings, I discovered it was because I have a child. So, I determined to hide it from truth from him. Last week, he took me out and we met a friend of his who happened to be the brother of my child’s father. I almost fainted. After that day, he stopped talking to me, efforts to reach him proved abortive. I know his friend would have told him about my child. I don’t know what to do now.

Dear Taiwo,
Your boyfriend’s reaction is normal. It is not proper that he heard about your child from a third party. Since you said he loves you, he should forgive you…let’s hope he does. Find a way to communicate with him, explain to him the reasons for your actions and apologise deeply. On the other hand, I think you should never hide your child from the world. Infact, show him off, anybody that truly loves you would stick with you, and even support your child. Please, don’t allow that boy to feel inferior with your attitude.

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