[Advice Needed] My Brother’s Girlfriend Lured Me And I Couldn’t Resist Her! Should I Confess To My Brother?

Dear Tee,
My brother’s girlfriend started showing me some signs that she has feelings for me. She would buy expensive gifts for me and give me money. I never took it serious at first. Then, she started visiting whenever my brother travels. One day, she came and kissed me passionately, but we didn’t have s*x. Two days after, my brother traveled, she came around again. I tried not to do something funny, but she was too captivating. I couldn’t resist her and we ended up doing the dance. We promised to keep it as a top secret. We have been having the fun since then.
Last month, my brother came to me to seek my advice. He said he met his fiancee with another man in her room. He said he met having s*x. My heart almost jumped out of my mouth. He asked what he should do. He asked for my opinion about him leaving the girl. I told him to calm down and that I wouldn’t rush to give him advices which would be bad. That was how I postponed our talks. What should I say? I am confused here as he even said that he would only listen to my advice and act accordingly. What should I do, please?
A. B.

Dear A.B.,
I do not appreciate what you did, it is very wrong! However, it is time to confess to your brother. Let him know what happened between you and his fiancee. Remember he is your brother, you don’t want him to marry a lady who has no self control over herself. Tell your brother what you did and advice him to let the lady go. His fiancee doesn’t deserve him., let him know. He would get mad at you, but in the end, you would be grateful you told him the truth.
Wish you well.


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