[Advice Needed] My Skin Disorder Makes Me Feel Bad, What Do I Do?

Dear Tosin,
I am a young single lady. I have this serious skin disorder. Dark patches and marks are all over my entire body, including my face, its so bad that I don’t feel like going out of the house. And when I do, I wear long sleeves tshirt and trousers to hide my skin. But can I cover my face? I feel so depressed about this and it has affected my association with people. What can I do?


Dearie, I know how such marks can be embarrassing. I am sorry about that. I think you should see a doctor – a dermatologist. They should prescribe the necessary treatment. You should however avoid the use of chemicals that are in forms of creams and soaps. These are harmful to your skin, because I know how eager you would be to get products that would do justice to the issue – see a dermatologist!
Also, your self esteem is very important here, people see you the way you see yourself. Appreciate yourself, wear good clothes, be neat and clean, smile always and never look down on yourself.
All the best…


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