[Advice Needed] She Lied That She Is A Virgin, I Want To Break Up With Her! Please Help!

Dear Tee,
I am a 25 year old young man. I am dating a lady who is 23 years old. When we started dating, she said she has never had sex, that she is a virgin. I was so happy because all my life, I had wanted to marry a virgin, because I have never had sex as well. One day, she slept over in my house and she started caressing me and from what I saw, she was in the mood.
Later, I asked her if she was truly a virgin… Then, she started crying and told me to forgive her because she had slept with a guy in the past. I did forgive her because I love her. Now, I don’t trust her anymore. I am always having a feeling that she is sleeping with another guy because she lied to me. I love her, but I want to break up with her because I don’t know what she is doing behind me. Should I let go?

Dear OMO,
I am sorry that she lied to you. However, I don’t think you have truly forgiven her as you said. If you don’t have any evidence that she is doing something nasty behind you, you should not accuse her. I think you have not truly forgiven her, it still hurt that she lied to you and that is the reason you want to let her go. Why don’t you give love a chance? Why don’t you let go of your hurt and anger? Every one deserves a second chance, she is not an exception.
Wish you well, bro.

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