[Advice Needed] She Turned Down My Marriage Proposal, Now She Wants Me Back! What Should I Do?

Dear Tee,
Its funny how some girls don’t know what they want. In January, I proposed to the babe I have been dating for the last 3 years. And right on the spot, she turned down my marriage proposal, with the excuse that she needs time to think about marrying me or not. Imagine! We have been together for 3 good years. I don’t know if she never gave thoughts to marrying me this while. I have moved on with my life because she just pretended nothing happened and never talked about it again. I don’t even feel the same way about her anymore. In May, she came to me and pleaded with me to forgive her. I am in love with someone else now. What should I do?

Dear A. A.,
I am sorry about what happened with the former girl. What do you want? Who do you prefer? Consider your choices, your former girl gave you the chance to pick from options with her attitude. I am not saying what she did by turning down your proposal is bad, I feel 3 years is enough to know if you really want to be with someone. I think it is all about you here. Anyway, your former girl have realised her mistake, ask her questions. I also think you should look at mutual feelings as well. You should go for the person who loves and care about you as much as you do. One sided love is something you don’t want to experience.


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