Amaechi Betrayed Us By Secretly Recording NGF Elections – Mimiko

Segun-MimikoThe war of words between Governors under the aegis of Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF), continued yesterday with Ondo State Governor – Olusegun Mimiko, challenging his Rivers State counterpart, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi to substantiate his claim that he (Mimiko) voted at the disputed election by producing the video evidence.

Mimiko, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Plateau State Governor, Jonah Jang-led faction of the Forum, in a statement in Akure, was reacting to Amaechi’s claim that he (Mimiko) voted at the controversial election which the Rivers Governor claimed to have won.

Mimiko said: “Amaechi should not hide under religion to cover up his anti-democratic dispositions. Nothing stops Governor Amaechi from proving to the world that I voted by using the same video he has been using to tell the public that there was an election.

“If Amaechi is saying I voted at the election, I think he should prove it to the whole world that I did. I sincerely believe that a process must have led to the declaration of result contained in their few minutes video clip. That later part can’t come in isolation. I challenge him to show the entire proceedings, including where I voted”.

While accusing the Rivers State Governor of “anti-democratic disposition,” Mimiko said Amaechi “cannot take ecclesiastic refuge for his undemocratic dispositions by dragging the church into the Forum’s disputed election as a way of covering up his anti-democratic tendencies”.

Speaking further, he said, “Amaechi should tell the world whether or not he presided over his own election despite cries that he should step aside for an interim chairman to preside over the same election as it is the practice in any democratic setting

“He should also tell the world whether or not he was the sole provider of ballot papers and ballot box used for the charade where he was also a contestant.

“He should tell the world why he insisted he must contest for another term even when he knew that negates the norm in the Forum.”

Mimiko accused Amaechi of betraying his colleagues as according to him, it is “the height of treachery for the Governor to have installed secret video camera to record his colleagues without their consent simply because he is acting the script of another agenda inimical to the progress of the Forum.

He declared that “It is not acceptable, it is undemocratic, it is the height of desperation, it won’t work because Nigerians can no longer afford to be fooled.”


    • Will you shut your mouth & stop being myopic.
      Mimiko has challenged, the best thing is for the Amaechi faction to prove him. I’ll also warn the Rev Fr to steer clear of this show of shame cos if its discovered Amaechi has an hidden agenda; which is possible, then the church would be further dragged in mud.

  1. What a democratic gov he (mimiko) is, that; he used forged police report, he refuse to pay civil servants in the state etc. i wonder the type of advice such a man will give that will be effective

  2. why is gov.mimiko and gang complaining after taking part and lost out. when has it become a sin to seek for 2nd term. the 16votes gov. jang and his gang scored was the same that attanded his opening of his office.QED. God bless Nigeria.