BBA Updates – Think like “Bolt” but act like a woman


During a very serious conversation with Fatima and Bimp, Sierra Leonean hunk Bolt explains to the two how he manages his relationship. While everybody knows that he is in a relationship with Betty, he also tells them that his baby momma is the love of his life. Where this puts the Ethiopian hottie remains a mystery.

“My woman knows that I like women,” he said, trying to explain his current situation, while referring to his woman back home. He maintains that women should never compete with me and should always carry themselves with integrity. I’m guessing that’s how he likes his women, with integrity.

I wonder if Betty ever asked about the ring on his marriage finger or is she not bothered by it. Bolt talks a lot about the mother of his baby, whom he clearly still has strong ties with.

Source – Big brother official page

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