#BBATheChase: How Africa voted in the last BBA Eviction week


So as to prevent conflict and to show transparency, the Big Brother Africa management team have started to release voting results to the general public.

In the week that saw the Angolan duo evicted, this is how Africa voted this week (June 16, 2013)

Here’s who which country voted for:

Angola: Neyll

Botswana: Pokella

Ghana: Pokello

Kenya: Annabel

Ethiopia: Annabel

Malawi: Natasha

Namibia: Pokello

Nigeria: Pokello

South Africa: Pokello

Sierra Leone: Pokello

Tanzania: Annabel

Uganda: Annabel

Zambia: Natasha

Zimbabwe: Pokello

Rest of Africa: Pokello

Total: Pokello = 8; Annabel = 4; Natasha =2, Neyll = 1, Biguesas = 0. (Total: 15 Votes)


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