Boko Haram Ban: U.S, Israel Dictating To Jonathan – Balarabe Musa

balarabe-musa1_200_160Former Governor of old Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, has claimed that the proscription of Boko Haram Islamic sect by President Goodluck Jonathan is an indication that the US and Israel are behind the security operations of the country.

He noted that the ban of the sect has made useless the Federal Government’s efforts at getting the group to surrender and accept amnesty querying why government constituted a committee to dialogue with the radical Islamist sect when it had plans to ban it.

According to him, the decision of the FG is a confirmation that the United States of America and Israel are in control of the nation’s security policy direction, adding that the ban should be linked to America’s prediction about Nigeria.

He said, “America has predicted that Nigeria will disintegrate by 2015. America has already declared that Boko Haram is a terrorist organisation. America has also declared the person who is leading the group as a wanted person and has placed a ransom on him.

“Now, we assume that America has seen Nigeria as a place to pursue terrorists and the action of Nigeria in proscribing the Islamic set is helping American policy.”

The former Governor disclosed that “there was a discovery of armoury in Kano, and the allegation is that, the arms are meant for Hezbollah, an organisation the US and Israel are fighting.”

He informed that “if the two countries are given the privilege of continuing to monitor the nation’s security operation that America would in no time threat Nigeria the way it is threating Iraq and Pakistan, adding that they will eventually invade Nigeria the way they have invaded the two Islamic countries.”

Alhaji Musa stated that “Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, as the President and Chief Security Officer of Nigeria, should have asserted himself on the line of security option he wants to pursue, particularly when he had already declared a state of emergency in the three northern states and also constituted a committee to dialogue with the Islamic sect.

“And from all indications the Amnesty Committee has started making progress by talking to members of the group, when government announced the banning of the group” he lamented.



  1. I can’t really bear the primitive ways our so called leaders think and talk, I can see why the nation is in this state, what is wrong if US dictate, can we stand their level of political operation, US don’t use BOKO HARAM because they think they are not given power to rule as we in nigeria. Our minds are black with evil procession.

  2. What is wrong,if US,Israel dictate to Jonathan? If US prediction of Nigeria distegration comes to pass in 2015,who cares? Old man the is up .The North was using Boko Haram to blackmail the GEJ administration is over.Let members of Boko Haram pay for sins of mudering hundreds of innocent Nigerians because power has elluded them.Oh! you guys think GEJ didn’t know he was doing? Oh!because GEJ didn’t bark like dog the way other past presidents do,you the opposition northern politicians paid the press to call him ‘weakling’ and other unprintable names.The game is up. This is time for action.A cat does not walk the way its walks in time of danger.That is President Jonathan for you.He has not done anything and the North has started complaining.

  3. Why is it that our northern leaders are so sentimental. They wanted to use boko haram to exploit Nigeria. Nothing like amnesty for them, if federal government will ever make such mistake, another group(s) will still rise up. Total ban, Am in support.

  4. Boko haram haas waisted hundred of innocent lives in Nigera, now it’s pay back time and there is nothing wrong with the decision taken by mr. President, US government and Isreale government concernin this deadly sect.

  5. Pls sir which country do you want Jonathan to listen to Iran or Afghanistan. I use to respect you now i don’t know wat to think. Pls speak no more let’s believe it’s old age with dementia

  6. These are the people pressmen will call statesmen.i pity naija journalists.if Nato or UN support Nigeria’s government to quash insurgency to bring about peace, is it not better?Daddy Balarabe resign into private life like Mandela in South Africa and Buhari too.

  7. Keep calm mr balarabe musa, where have u been since the inception of ur pple. Hmmmm! If nigeria could collapse, is north that would suffer

  8. Balar Musa your time has gone, I can see you want to amend your mistakes. When you were Governor of your state. How many life do you change apart from your family members?

  9. Nobody is supporting what Boko haram are doing but one thing I want mr president to take of is that nothing good don’t come from America involvement in fighting terrorism because america will never intervene in matter that will not benefit them at the end. America themselves are terrorist that need to stay away from. GEJ don’t need america or Israel support to win this Boko haram he just need to be firm on his decision and don’t welcome any distraction fro any angle. God bless Nigeria

  10. While Saudi Arabia and other lslamic country’s are sponsoring Boko Haram.When an adult takes and behaves like a small girl it is disgusting. He was the first governor to be impeached in Nigeria. It was one of my Jamb questions in Government. What a disgraceful record to create. He failed in his time so what has he to offer now.

  11. If Balarabe Musa nd others are against d intervention of America & Israel, are they gleeful over d incessant killings of our inocent citizens? For humanity sake, allow America nd Israel to SWING into full action!!!


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