Boko Haram Threat Letter: Bama, Gwoza Residents Abandon Homes, Livelihood For Safety

Abubakar ShekauThe banned Boko Haram sect has literarily sent residents of Bama and Gwoza communities running after issuing threat letters of an impending bloodbath in the next seven days.

An online out-fit said the sect in several threat letters written in Kanuri and Hausa languages, warned residents of the towns, who are civil servants, “to resign their jobs and burn their employment documents or risk being consumed by the impending war.”

Escapees from Bama were forced to take bush routes through Dikwa, a town 60km away from Bama and 150km from Maiduguri to get to the state capital. The escapees said they paid at least N7000, as against the normal N300, as transport fare before taxi drivers accepted to risk the dangerous escape journey to the state capital.

A fleeing Bama resident, Abba Fannami, at Muna Park along Maiduguri-Dikwa Road, where most of the escapees arrived in Maiduguri, said that “it cost me about N50, 000 to transport my six family members to Maiduguri. It was a bad experience for many people in the bush, especially women and children.”

“They had warned government officials and civil servants in Bama to resign or else face death in the next 7 days; we are all scared, this could be more deadly, so we have to run for our dear lives,” Mr. Fannami said.

In Gwoza, insurgents, who were forced by soldiers to flee their camps in Sambisa Game Reserve to the rocky hills of Gwoza, have been terrorising their new host communities. The insurgents were said to have taken over most outskirts of Gwoza including Pulka and Kirawatowns, forcing residents to flee into neighbouring Cameroun villages of Mura and Marwa, some 75km away from Nigeria’s borders.

A police constable serving in Gwoza, who sought anonymity said that some residents of Gwoza suburbs were forced to hide inside rock caves as Boko Haram insurgents sacked them from their homes.



  1. OH, GOD what kinda harsh state is this? Why should a mere human being .act like a GOD. What have they even done. Hausa people eh, tukiakwa.

  2. Pls let depart nigeria into three part and let each tribe go on thier way to form thier country because the problem of boko haram is too much pls let depart

  3. Ogodos or wat did u call your self? Am very surpeise for person lyk you will abuse muslims, dont forget that these muslims were even civilized when your parents are still wearing leaves and worshiping idols…..

  4. He claimed to be fighting for ‘Allah’- and wasting innocent lives. Bokko Haram should allow Allah to fight for them and not the other way round. It’s a pity what their so called Satanic prophet Mohammed taught them in the name of Jihad- ‘holy war’. Don’t worry if you fail to repent, you will join him in hell and the so called demonic virgins.

  5. Stupid aliyu, ask ur grandparents or ur fuckn caliphates who taught them civilization. D southerner(igbos). What u learnt b4 me is violence and decimation. Convert 4 d kingdom is at hand.

    • I don’t tink u guys are making sence in any way both the 1 that claim to be muslim and that of christain I believe you. Guys are all iliterate of the of what you are aguing upon. Boko haram to my understand is supose to be politica game but it went out of the control of the organisers. And the government that is claimed to be fighting isurgence is CORUPT government which is another terorist oganisation on its own.
      So to have peace in this country is only when we all come together to denounce our loyalty to coruption then we can say we are patriot. So fighting over a mere blog shows that you guys are also people that can be said nearest in defination to B/H.

      • @ Abdulrahman, I know 4m ur name you’re a muslim but I just pray God increase d no of ur kind in this country of ours. I know B/H are of islamic faith but they are nt faitful muslim. B/H have politicle undertone but unfortunately politicians who initiated it are nw regreting ‘cos they’ve turn their prey. Let us join together to pray 4 this country, hatred won’t take us anywhr


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