BON Assures Nigerians of Live Coverage of the Confederations and World Cup.

Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria.
Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria.

Tuesday marks the beginning of 2014 World Cup 100-day count-down, soccer fans around the nation are already in the Brazil mood. Enjoy while it lasts!

The Chairman, Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON), Alhaji Abubakar Jijiwa has assured Nigerians that they would be able to watch the 2014 World Cup finals live in the comfort of their homes.

Jijiwa gave the assurance in an interview at the Yankari Games and Holiday Resort in Bauchi State.

He said: “Our stand is that definitely, Nigerians will watch the 2014 World Cup finals, including the FIFA Confederations Cup that is coming up in a few days.

“Very soon, within the next one week, we will issue a statement on the issue.”

He also revealed that the plans to digitalise televisions and radio stations in the country before 2015 are ongoing, and that it covers all electronic media whether government or privately owned.

Jijiwa said that BON was working with the Federal and State government, as well as private media owners, to ensure that the country met the deadline.

“We are also going to tackle the issue of the influence of the advertising agents on media content nowadays, especially as officials of the advertising industry are here with us today,” he added.


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