Brave Girl Takes A Bullet For Toddler While Dad Ducks For Cover

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Most of us are fortunate enough to live in neighborhoods where random gun violence is completely unheard of, but forSarah Rivera, 15, of the Bronx, New York City, it’s an unfortunate way of life. She was sitting outside her family’s apartment on Saturday night when she heard three gunshots. Everyone scrambled for safety, but Sarah noticed a baby carriage with a toddler inside that was in the line of fire. Following her instincts, the N.Y. Daily News reports that Sarah ran to push the carriage to safety and was consequently shot in the leg.

As she was pushing it to safety, the bullet hit her in her thigh.

Had it not been for this fast-acting teen, who knows what could’ve happened to the innocent baby. Sarah’s brave move probably saved the child from injury or even death. She didn’t even know the kid, yet she was the one who sprung to action.

Because interestingly enough, one of the child’s parents was on the scene. When the gunfire rang out, the dad of the baby ducked for safety. He didn’t lunge for the carriage as Sarah did. 

The baby’s father did help tourniquet Sarah’s injured leg as they waited for the ambulance to arrive, though.

Sarah’s expected to make a full recovery, but the bullet, doctors say, will have to stay in her leg.

One day, if she wants to be a mother, Sarah will be a great one. At 15, her intense Mama Bear instincts were on point. She put herself in harm’s way for a baby that she didn’t even know — imagine how protective she’ll be of her own little ones.

You go, Sarah.


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