Britain Objects To Passage Of Gay Bill By NASS, May Suspend Aid To Nigeria

timthumbBritain might consider cutting off aid to Nigeria over same sex marriage bill passed by the House
of Representatives on Thursday.  The Senate had passed its own version in November 2011.

The Senate President, David Mark had during the week at a dinner organized in his honour by the Nigerian community in Prague, Czech Republic, said the National Assembly would not reverse itself on the bill prohibiting same-sex marriage in Nigeria just as he added “The law is not designed to infringe on the human rights of Nigerians in any way.”

But reacting to the passage of the bill by both chambers of the National Assembly, British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on Friday while speaking on a British Broadcasting Corporation programme monitored in Lagos, said he would take up the issue with President Goodluck Jonathan soon.

Cameron said he would restate his government’s strong objection to the passage of the bill.

The prime minister was reacting to a question by a Nigerian resident in London, Bisi.

“When we meet with Nigerian politicians and leaders, we will be clear about those things we agreed on. We have to be clear where we disagree. We will make clear where we stand on those issues,” he said.

When pressed further on whether Britain would consider stopping a projected 50 per cent increase in aid to Nigeria or cutting it outright, Cameron said, “Nothing is off the table. We need to have these conversations. We also have some very important objectives with Nigerians, for instance on how to deal with the appalling rates of poverty in Northern Nigeria, which are part of the problems confronting the country.”

Britain, alongside some other western nations had previously expressed opposition to the bill with Cameron threatening to cut off aid to countries which ban lesbians, gay, transsexuals and bisexuals (LGTB).



  1. I dont blame David Camron and other Western countries leaders if they threaten Nigeria govt. With their aids. If not for irresponsibility on the part of our leaders and politicians, Nigeria as blessed as she is should be giver and not borrower or begger. So indirectly, Britain and America still rule us!

  2. Nonsense. This is our country, we are africans. Not westerners or some sort of british people. If the federal government should reverse it’s decision, then we are nothing but slaves to this people. If not for morons and thieves that are barons and kings, in a country where MONKEY DEY WORK AND BABOON DEY CHOP, Nigeria is not suppose to be depending on external aids. Pls, tell dem sey, our eye don open, which kind indirect ruling be dis?

  3. Nigeria is not a gay or lesbian country even self  wsh it would be death sentence so that this useless people will die out.britain we are nigerians and we repect our culture so to hell with your help.

  4. Dis is totaly unlawful in all religious.Not their fault but our so cal leaders who did not alow justice of God to control our blesed country.May God help Nigeria and make us d country who wil not depend on any country except God.

  5. Well is quite a pity that the west still see Africa as a whole as their slaves simply because we sense that Africans cannot do without them. If our leaders will reason right inorder to manage the God given resources who is Britain & Americans to decide our economic, politics & our culture. I miss fearless African leaders like Indiamin, Abacha, Gardaffi, kwame Nkwuruma, Muritala Mohammed. These are leaders that never subject theirselves to western powers they took their decisions & stick to it @ all cost. But do you know uninformed & uneducated citizens call them? They are “Dictators or Autocratic”. Look let me tell you when once your policies does not favored the economy of the western powers they will fight out that government on sit. Africans when will you come of AGE?

  6. So funny that Cameron still finds it hard to accept the position of Africans with regards to this issue of gays and their right. One would have thought after the interview granted the BBC by Musaveni, the Ganian’s declaration, the stand of Gambia’s Jammeh as well as the ratification of the bill by both the senate and the house of reps, the Cameron government will look for an excape route from these unreasonable threat it is threatning a soverign state. He should wake up to the fact that Africans will fight to preserve their culture with regards to this unholy and satanic practice. The Gambians have told him in a clear and unmistakable voice to go to blazes with his aids as much as the Ugandans have. I hope Jonathan will be able to look him in the eyes and tell him there was nothing to discuss with regard to gays and their rights as long as Nigerians are concerned.