Buhari: Why I Openly Wept For Nigeria

buhari-1Former military Head of State and Congress for Progressives Change (CPC) national leader, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), yesterday opened up on why he shed tears in public during one of his presidential campaign rallies in 2011, saying he wept for Nigeria.

Buhari, who was guest of the week on a Kaduna-based radio station, revealed that when he read an article in one of the newspapers and saw the amazing opportunity Nigeria got through petroleum resources from 1999 to 2011, he shed tears.

“That was the only time I broke down publicly; it was as a result of an article in a paper I read before the 2011 general elections… And I saw the amazing opportunity we got through petroleum resources from 1999 to the time I shed tears, and I saw the state of the country, the decay in infrastructure and that people were just in a position of irresponsibility and they were just doing their own thing minding their own business”, he said.

“Nigeria is absolutely mature but the execution is the beginning of the problem, all the laws have been put in place but it appears like people are just doing their own thing and it is a tragedy in Nigeria. The people at the top, at various levels, are just doing what they like, not what the constitution of the country prescribes”, he noted.

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The three-time presidential aspirant blamed the country’s elite for the path democracy is taking; saying the running of the country is the “responsibility of the elite including you, me and those that have had the opportunity to go to school to earn correct entry points into various professions”.


  1. i believe the CPC national and strongest opposition leader Buhari will influence this nation for betterment if Nigerians can give him chance.This man has the zeal and what it takes to be a good president.let’s support him

    • Sunny Ayo please why not apply for a campaign manager in your locality for the old junta or are you having pity for him or are you talking based on APC? Please do not swallow your pride. They must tell us if we will remain as One nigeria or not. Presidency is non negotiable. God bless us

    • Ayo.Buhari can fool people like you all the time but can not fool all of us all the time.Why did he not weep for himself when as a minister of petroleum he stole oil money worth $2.6 Billion under Obasonjo’s millitary govenment?He did not weep when he incited his supporters to kill inocent copers because he lost election.Shame on him.

  2. Although buhari has strong head nevertheless he has d best intention 4 this country….. Well Allah knws best!

    • Dr m yahaya “only Allah knows” but if Buhari knows what he is doing he would have called on all nigerians to forgive him his mis deeds while he was in power as a junta for never having an agenda to handover to democratically elected govt. He’s power thirst type and egocentric. Pride goes before fall. He accepted P T F chairman from a government that never ment well for nigeria (longer throat) he wept in one of his campaigns a junta who has killed the good, bad, urgly & hanspretty. Decite his watch word. Please those you ill \ maltreated cried, sobbed, died & here you are just only but sheared tears . Soon you will do all they did even in (aljena) the spirit world. Nigerian is not a chicken hearted old soldiers. (Nigerian president seat or Aso rock occupancy) Its not a pity party affairs

  3. Oga that means you rehearsed the cry at home before crying in the public because you certainly did not read the said article at the rally ground. Actor! Your boys (BH) are still acting part 2 of the script you wrote.

  4. Buhari can never be the leader we Nigerians need he talk too much he is a fanatic he take side with people who kill innocent people(boko haram) in one of his interview he said the govt. Should stop kill bokoharam I want to ask has he for once ask the bokoharam to stop killing innocent people he talk in that way so that the northern who are 100 percent in side of there religion should say he is a good muslims I want to let you know that the leader of this country must not be a fanatic. Or person who take religion first but he who has. Nigeria in his heart but on case of buhari he is a disappointment to democracy he killed the first democracy in1983 now he is hunting this one we should as Nigerian pray against this most er buhari from destroying our Nation this is not right for us to stand aside watch
    The evil take lead of our country fellow Nigerians take the fight before it to late this fight is not for Christians or muslims but for Nigerians is a fight we must win to keep Nigeria from faliiing keep the fire burning.

  5. weep f ur children n ur generations bf weeping for nigerians u can neva rule nigeria again even if u visits d devil himself, nigeria does nt belong to u or ur family okkkkkkk

  6. whats the new strategy u got now that u did nt have when u were the minister??… U are only a deceiver, i wil follow not ur words. Whats the example u left behind for others to follow?

  7. Buhari can never wept for nigeria but he can only wept for his pocket rather to said for nigeria,he is among of the formal president then he can do something for this country and should’t wait for the presidental cap alon.

  8. Mr. Man pls remove d tree in ur eye b4 lokin @ d pin in ones eye it is nt by force u mst rule 9ja pple lik u should lok 4 devils camp 2 rule.

  9. It’s crocodile tears, u went to school and u are supporting almajiri boys you recruited as boko-haram and u want them to continue maiming the same people u want to govern.all of u in apc don’t hv what it takes to sincerely lead nigerians,tell the gov of nasarawa state and others in apc to start showing example by declaring his asset,handsoff awarding of contracts ,tell his electorates the meaning of the security he collects annually.support the autonomy of local government etc.u people are not even clamouring for indepent candidates,removal of payment for inec forms etc we need ideological politics not deceit and fraud, even as pdp is not doing well u people are not carpeting them to give us an alternative.

  10. Fraudlent and deceitful man,u are associating with people without character el-rufai & co and they hv helped to separate u from nigeria presidency.thank GOD pastor hv seen the insincerity in apc and went back to his church instead of tarnishing his image in your fold.leave the political scene when the ovation is loudest.

  11. Fraudlent and deceitful man,u are associating with people without character el-rufai & co and they hv helped to separate u from nigeria presidency.thank GOD pastor hv seen the insincerity in apc and went back to his church instead of tarnishing his image in your fold.leave the political scene when the ovation is loudest.

  12. this man never believed that his boys could be so dealt with by the JTF, well, weeping daddy you’ve not started weeping yet by the time you are incarcerated for your numerous sins, you’ll not shed tear but blood and mucus

  13. Are all these true of the man? Nigerians!!! Let’s try and see in more than one DIMENSION. Economically and politically, Buhari is one of those who reasonable Nigerians look up to , to lead Nigeria out of these MESS and DIFFICULTIES. Don’t let’s forget that only God is PERFECT. God knows BEST!!!


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