Buhari’s Comments On Boko Haram Has Exposed Him As A Sectional Leader – Arewa Youths

muhammadu-buhariSome concerned members of the Arewa Youths Forum have called on former Head of State Maj-General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), to desist from making inciting statements in his quest for political relevance.

The youths also advised the presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change  (CPC) in the 2011 elections to gauge the mood of Nigerians before throwing his hat in the ring come 2015.

Buhari was also advised to stop deluding himself into believing that what happened to those who contested elections in other climes several times before winning would be his fate.

Jibril Mamman Vatsa, the spokesman of the group who made this known in a statement in Kaduna, said the recent statements by Buhari to the effect that the current military operation against the Boko Haram sect was anti-north had exposed him as a sectional leader.

The statement argued further that there was no basis for comparison between the Niger Delta militants and the Boko Haram sect.

“It is unthinkable for a former Head of State like Buhari to compare the Niger-Delta militants with terrorists. When late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua talked about amnesty, he gave three months. In the case of Boko Haram, President Jonathan has waived the olive branch without conditions,” the statement said.

The group wondered “why, for instance, should any serious statesman bring himself to ridicule by siding a region against the other?

Reminding Nigerians of the long forgotten controversial utterances by Buhari, the group noted, “There are certain arbitrary, sentimental and contradictory utterances that ought not to be attributed to a national leader which Buhari claims to be. Any leader seeking the good of Nigerians should not expose himself in a ridiculous and jaundice manner as Buhari has done.

“Therefore, the call for his arrest by the CAN President is a responsible one because the issue of security in the nation needs a concrete solution in which people like Buhari should have made suggestions,” the statement added.

According to the group, “Buhari’s vituperations have remained mere talks with no discernible contents and signposts. Therefore, talking about a Boko Haram that has consigned those opposed to their plots and comparing them with the Niger-Delta militants is prejudicial to one Nigeria, over-heats the polity and at best a setback to the nation he has once ruled as Head of State.”

He stressed that if the Boko Haram members are becoming more daring by the day, it is because of the support given to them by some highly placed persons.


  1. I’m not a buhari fan, but I wonder how much these Arewa youths forum idiots were paid to make such statements. Yes buhari has said some controversial stuff and the president of CAN has called for his arrest in the name of security. My question is why wouldn’t CAN and AYF also call for the arrest of Asari dokubo and so on. Let no ethnic identity stand in the way of justice. We are one Nigeria. We should stand united.

    • We are wonder why CAN is not register as a political party rather than a religion leader. CAN hate Gen. Buhari with no basis, just bc, he is Muslim, ok what the Christian President GEJ has done 4 them in-terms of national development?

      • My dear. lets be honest to ourselves Buhari
        has robbed himself in the mud by making certain comments that is capable of destroying the unity of this country, he should be happy that he has not been arrested before now simply because the president is a wise and patient man. Please arewa youth, thank you for standing for the trueth

      • Mohammed,if you ask what has GEJ done in terms of development,i will say so much that can not be compared to what buhari did when he was head of state.We are more aware now,buhari can never be president of Nigeria again.Just take note.

    • @sam. Let’s learn to make right choice of words. We are all brothers, nobody is idiot. To ur view abt Dokunbo, the point which comes 1st, Buhari’ or Dokunbo. Dokunbo made it clear to Nigerians that if must arrest him they shud 1st arrest Buhari. Let be real B/Haram cannot be compared to Niger Delta militant. May God help Nigeria

    • First & Fore-most, I give Kudos to Arewa youths for their Courage to say the Truth about Gen Buhari and I implore all Nigerian Youth to unite in respect of their religion as we all serve same God however, it is shameful if any Nigerian citizen could accused another religion about Buhari issue. Regarding to Mohammed statement accusing CAN, I advised he should have a re-think and we as a citizen should stop such Comments, however AREWA YOUTHS are same Muslims as Buhari. How on earth would any responsible human-being support Criminals who killed Muslims, Christians, Children, Old & young for no reason. Please, Nigerian youth should unite and let stop supporting all those ill-dispose Leaders. May Allah / God help Nigerians.

    • Sam.I understand how you feel but your presentation of the feeling is with wrong choice of words.Buhari not Asari started the war of words.Asari was only on the defensive.If he (Asari) would be arrested it must start with Buhari.Period! As for Buhari’s support for Boko Harram it is no secret at all.Being serial contestant to elections too will not make him to win this is true.We all know he has a secret selfish agenda he want to manifest by being a President.We will not co-operate with him by refusing him our vote come 2015.At least 49% of Northerners especially non Hausa/Fulani will not vote him.How would he win Jonathan?

    • @ Sam or whatever your name is,Does Asari look like a terrorist? Buhari so called former head of state could not behave himself, you are not a Buhari fan and so what? Can’t you read between the lines? Why can’t you call that your father Buhari to ask him those questions? Better be wise, wake up!!!

  2. Vatsa, u are very stupid like ur father. If pple bomb oil facility, vandalise pipelines, kidnap and kill oil workers their name is terrorists unless u are educated for the wrong reasons there is nothing wrong in Buhari’s comment Jonathan is using the BH crisis as an excuse to destroy the north both politically and economically and stupid pple like u ar saying rubbish because u ar paid some few nairas.

    • @Saidu From the manner you addressed the late General Vatsa without respect, it shows that you don’t know his antecedents as about the most educated one of the most intelligent officer Nigeria had ever produced. That obviously has exposed you as illiterate, un-informed and in-exposed withoit regard for intellectualism! I doubt if you have a father! Better ask yoir mother to tell you the truth, your is likely from Somalia!

    • @Saidu From the manner you addressed the late General Vatsa without respect, it shows that you don’t know his antecedents as about the most educated one of the most intelligent officer Nigeria had ever produced. That obviously has exposed you as illiterate, un-informed and in-exposed without regard for intellectualism! I doubt if you have a father! Better ask your mother to tell you the truth, your father is likely from Somalia!

    • u stupid n foolish muslims.d chritain should also form knigjht defences to excute non believrs in the country like ur boko haram fools n cancel arabic education in the country.stupid muslem cult calling them selfs religion.blood suckers,ritualist like ur fathers n mohamed

    • Saidu, maybe the next boko haram bomb that will go off next will be at your house and it will surely pick you not your relations. but you that can not difrenciate between good and bad. Muslim or christian, we worship one God, we should not allow these evil leaders like Buhari, and co to use us as sacrificial lamb to achive their selfish goals.

  3. Vesta, wen ar u goin to abuja? i will accompany u so that whn u collect ur payment at least i wil get somtin……..useless Arewa Youth, Buhari is ur only hop, whn d pple dat sent u 2 mek dis cmmnt ar thre chopin money on ur behalf, u ar here tryin 2 black paint Buhari… Continue behavin lyk dat nd see wht wil b d end of North.

    • Like Father like son, that was how Vatsa the father trying to betray Gen. Babangida, even though, may his soul rest in peace. Now Vatsa the Son want to betray the entire North for some few Chicken Kobos. Terrorism is all about violence or the threat of violence, especially bombing, kidnapping, and assassination, that carried out for political purposes which both the MEND and the Boko Haram do the same act, therefore stop insulting Gen. Buhari the Nigerian Masses activism.

  4. you stupid vasta born by ape and breast feeded by a beast, who did you think you are that you will accuse our savior, dont you know that its jonathan that start the crisis in nigeria and later on taken as boko haram,how much did you collect for the accusing you stupid rascal,you are nothing but a compatriot, arise and shine,save your motherland from dieing, you stupid ape.

  5. hmmmmm….this issues of ethnic, northerners are supporting buhari y southerners are supporting dakubo….n i believe we all know the truth bt sentiment n ecthnic issues will not allow us to say what is right…[email protected], saibu n bapson let ur conscience judge ur comment idiot ppl

  6. @Sam,you are d fullest fool and u deserve to be in jail cos you lack d basic sense of life…by nature buhari is an ex soldier meant to safeguard Nigeria and its territory and here he is talking rubbish..Aseri is an ex militant so in ur common sense who should be jailed…him buhari is a disgrace not only to his family,the military and the north and Nigeria..if only i am GEJ..i will fight him to a stand still..as e be now..Na Joe get pawa ..Niger Delta boyz fought for their fundamental human right..never bomb churches,parks and squares..think fast and vast..you God forsaken fool..

  7. Hehehehe !!! must Arewa Youth receive money from anyone before saying the truth ???. I am ashamed that a true citizen of Nigeria could reason in such a ridiculous way. Even the dead knew that, ‘”Gen Buhari has done wrong and i expected him to tender apology, stay clear and watch his mouth to avoid him been ridiculed.

  8. I Strongly advised & recommend that Nigerian SSS, & other Security agent should start to monitor Social-media as some people now use it to insult, abuse and the use of worst languages which I consider to be wrong however, I advise we stop to insult ourselves as this is only way to present and advise ourself and to take Nation forward. “God help us all”.

  9. God help us in this country. I think that Gen Buhari has clearly confirmed that he is not a national leader and must not be voted in in any elective office in Nigeria by Nigerians. What legacy is he living behind for the future Nigerians who are coming up?? He should have take a look at the founding fathers of this great nation. In Nigeria I stand.

  10. I wonder some guys bear notable christian names like those saints of old but their utterances and coment speak otherwis and opposite of those names. Imagine some body bearing Joseph and calling a group of people foolish and idiot. Divine curse and condemnation await such human.

  11. The most stupid people you have in Nigeria are the Hausa/Fulanis. I am not surprised at these sub humans condemning the son of a respected poet for saying the truth. One thing I know: instead of Buhari to rule this country, we will split it. Every one to his region. Let those who have no value for life live in their own country.

  12. Hey pple, dont blame vasta much all is bcos of the level of poverty in this country……now that he has collected his own share what do we do. CANpresident collectd his own and he was also compesated with a private JET, the only thing now is to register them as a political party so as to control and turn the country to a xtian nation. Stupid fellows
    CAN is the number 1 problem Nigeria is having.

  13. we are trying to resolve issues and u peep are bringin up fights against urselves…..dnt let us all count the eggs when dey are not yet hatched…lets wait and see what GOD will do concerninh this issue….buhari a sectional leader of the boko haram is still an imagery…mind u all ‘WHAT IS NOT

  14. Do you think that God was a fool when He allowed Boko Haram sect to nominates Major General Buhari to be thier spokeman with the FG? He noticed that his political career and the dream of becoming Nigeria president had finally ruin down in the ways he presented himself not to Nigerians but worldwide. May God help us.

  15. we nigerian youths should rise beyond ethno-religious borders for our own future good. we shouldn’t let and support past leaders who did us no good to rule us again, just bcos dey have a personal vendetta against certain persons, and we will stupidly vote dem again bcos we go to d same place of worship. let us use our tongue to count our teeth. afterall one of dem on several occasions said dat he wouldn’t contest d next election if he lost, but ended up recontesting again and again.#thank you#

  16. Jibril Mamman Vatsa Allah will continue to bless you,you’ve spoken well Buhari is the main sponsor of boko haram,he should be arrested to give the security agents useful information to curb these group.

  17. hello nigerians, greetings 2 u all. 1stly i must say @ sam, saidu, bapson nd chataba i salute u 4 running ur mouth ere lyk a filty pig, nw hear dis; d niger-delta militant r group of pple shouting, crying nd fighting hard 4 their fundumetal human rights without killings of innocent souls(muslims, xtains, young, old, women nd children including a whole family). MEND made their voice known nd d FG heard dem nd dialogued wit dem, bringing about d amnesty issue. nw boko haram r a bunch of stupid, coward nd faceless fools who kills 4 pleasure, nd as 4 buhari; he’s just an ordinary, self-centred, SON OF A BITCH, useless, stupid, vagabond nd an hypocrite, who is luking 4 global attention (make obama nd cameron catch am, him go fish d sect out). tnx

  18. Buhari did made a mistake,I said this the very day I read what he said,I like him,but my liking him will not prevent me from saying the truth,let‘s all look at it from a clear angle,forget about sentimentality and it‘s likes,he really made a mistake,he shouldn‘t have said that but there are so many things in everybody‘s life they shouldn‘t have done,it was so unfortunate truely.

  19. Everyone should have known who Buhari is, very soon he will cry again. This is because he can never win any election in Nigeria as a Boko Haram Sponsor and as a sectional and trabalistic leader. We are watching out

  20. Gen. M. Buhari is one of the most qualified, transparent, energetic leaders in Nigeria which many Nigerians ought to recognize eventhough they may disagree with some of his ideas. Some of the most powerful factors that have been divisive in Nigerian politics and leadership are tribalism and religion. Unless this two headed monster is cut off and burned, true peace will continue to be absent in Nigeria and the country may not last too long as one federation. World African Federation, Wafed wishes Gen. Buhari well.

  21. Most times i ask if is the same islam i see in other parts of the world i see in Nigeria. Islam in Nigeria is so much attarchd to politics and sentiments.
    Knowing what it takes to be a good Muslim, i respect the only real Muslim Head of state Nigeria ever gad- Gen. Muritala Muhammad (late). He was a practical example of a good muslim polititian. Ask your self if your still following the teachings of the Holy Prophet as you live your daily life.
    Punishment awaits those who cover evil. Thanks to the AYForum. We all know BokoH is not promoting islam nor Christian but they are Terorrists and should face the consequenses.
    Buhari as a forma head of state should stop threatening people with voilence and blood.
    Note: So long as we Nigerians were forced to live together Not by will, the Government must never be succesful. Coz nations are been built by people not by force. Read your history and you will beleive me that the Nigerian inter ethnic problems started even before independence. but was revisited by Dennis
    Osadebe when he request for the creation of the midwestern state in 1964.
    We are not a nation. Awolowo once said that there is no nation called Nigeria.
    We must stop social media criticizms and research on how best Nigerian problems would be soved.

  22. To me Buhari hav disqualify him self & God wil nt allow him to be d president of Nigeria.as for Nigeria,to me let it be a christane country only cos dis wolfs call muslims enjoys killing & didnt fit in our daer & hunourable country.as 4u all suporting buhari & book haram u all wil hav share in d bombing.

  23. …As d moderator of diz debate,lemme commend every nigerian hu had their say in diz mata…THIS IZ WAT I TERM D REAL NATIONAL CONFAB,nt some sh*t i heard couple of dayz ago over d radio(i mistakenly picked d wave though!)

  24. This man Vatsa or whatever he called himself doesn’t really know what he is saying, if a sitting president will side a particular section why can’t a former?!
    We were in this country with this fool Vatsa on 1st October 2010. Except for a fool nobody will forget the President’s stan.
    Vatsa you’re a crook just like your treason able FATHER.

  25. Am surprised at u all, i have travelled de leant nd breath of dis country & one tin i knw for sure is dat dis country needs a good leander some one who will give everyone hope nd leverage, he cld be frm de north, de south de east or de west all we need is a good leading, untill we see dis as individuals we will not stop being ethnocultural nigerians. We will nt stop de fyt and blames.

  26. Mammam Vatsa, please tell me how much you are been paid to make this stupid, ignorant and selfish statement of yours, are you truely a northerner ? i doubt so much about it, please try to recalled your true origin, and you are saying or representing NORTH on what basis are you representing the north and who give you the mandate to say that sentimental view of your ? definately not WE, Allah ya isa.

  27. It is a pity that Nigeria has been so divided to the extent that the SE and SS will support Jonathan for anything, while a northener follows Buhari no matter what. The Christians are for Jonathan while the Muslims are for Buhari.Comments and response of the people are no longer on substance, issues or ideology but where is the other person/party from. There are good things from every part of Nigeria and there are wicked and callous people from all parts. The worst of the issue are the poor fight, killing and maiming themselves for these wicked, corrupt and selfish politicians.
    Nigerian youth should stop the nonsense of a thing. Look at issue from your individual point of view, how does it better my lot politically, socially and economically.Many things I read above are shameful and less than reasonable thinking and if this is how we think, then, we better be prepare for tribal/regional war very soon. Let us help our leaders, let us criticize them and lets see them as our servant that we entrust with our vote. Not that he is from my tribe or my religion. These undue sentiments will not help the future of Nigeria.

  28. Let’s not be self centered about dis misfortune nd calamity that our selfish country leaders are creating,why comparing btween nijja delta militant nd boko haram sect.talking about de militant do they destroyed de southern state following schools,mosque,church,govt property,individuals?if to say de are protecting what rightly belongs to them for de interest of equality then de question what those boko haram protecting?rather generating more problems not only de nothernan but to all geo political zones pls my advice to those involve in destroying life nd property in de name of Allah to bring an end to it bcos de repercussion of evildoers ……?only God knows

  29. It’s only God dat can help dis nation,we ve sect of people killing innocent people all in d name of serving Allah.dey said dey r d deciples of mohammed,it just make ponders,is it wat being a muslim is all about?pls I need to know d truth!