Cannabis Legalised In France

This announcement should create waves throughout Europe and the rest of the world: France, one of the most repressive countries in Europe in regard to cannabis, has just legalized the medicinal use of the substance.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHThe French will however have to wait for the sanctioned publication of this decree before officially celebrating this historical event.

The implementation of the law is left as the responsibility of the Minister of Social Affairs and Health Marisol Touraine, who will be ratifying the decree in the coming weeks.

It is therefore not yet possible to determine the exact consequences of this decree for French patients who could enjoy the benefits of therapeutic cannabis.

Vigilance is however required, due to the mention of necessary authorisation before bringing a (cannabis) product onto the market so as not to be in violation of the law.

This clause suggests that it will be difficult for organizations and patients themselves to produce their own medicinal cannabis despite the low costs related to its cultivation and processing.

It is above all a huge step forward for French patients already using cannabis to relieve the symptoms linked to their illnesses: to witness their drug of choice finally become legal in the eyes of the government.

Sensi Seeds has supported the development of medical marijuana across the world for many years and this news can be considered a victory for all activists who support a legislative change concerning cannabis.

The cannabis plant, removed from the official pharmacopeia in 1953, is making its official comeback, 60 years later.


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