[Confession] I Stole Dad’s Money For My Boyfriend And It Broke My Dad’s Marriage.

My father had two wives. I am the child of the second wife. My dad loves my mother so much. She has just two kids for him…my brother and I. The elder wife has 5 kids, and all of them are ladies. My father loves my mother so much because she bore him the male child…my father gives him everything he needs. The elder wife’s children did not enjoy much affluence like my brother and I, but they never complained, as long as their immediate needs were met.
One Tuesday morning, I was going to school. I had packed my luggages and my dad had already settled me financially, then I got a phone call from my boyfriend. He said that the closing date for payment of school fees was on wednesday, and that he has tried to gather money around all to no avail. I was aware of his financial issues and he was almost crying over the phone. I told him not to worry and that we would see in school.
I had about 60,000 Naira on me. He would be needing like 50, 000 Naira. I thought of what to do. Then, it struck me to enter my dad’s room and steal his money. I felt reluctant, I never stole before. My temperature rose, however I had to take the steps now. I checked everywhere to know nobody was watching. I sneaked into his room, checked his wardrobe. Lo and behold, I saw wads of Naira. I couldn’t wait to count, I just picked 3 packs. I quickly dashed out and left for school. When I got to school, I counted the money, it was 250,000 Naira. I was frightened. I didn’t mean to take that much and I couldn’t travel back home again.
I gave about 150, 000 Naira to my boyfriend for his school fees and accommodation, while I squandered the rest.
My dad called me the following morning and I denied stealing his money. My dad put the blame on the last child of the elder wife because she was at home at that time, on break from school. She and dad never got along. Dad said she stole the money, that caused a big problem at home. The elder wife wouldn’t accept that her child stole the money. She and dad broke up because of the issue. I am always troubled with this. I feel its going to help me relax writing and sharing this.
I am going to confess to my dad, the whole family next week when I go back home from school.
I am sorry that I had to do something nasty for a boyfriend who later dumped and called me a sorry ass. I am sorry I caused a marital break up. I just hope dad takes his wife back after I tell him what I did.

Thanks tee, for publishing my story.

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