Deeper Life Members Blast Kumuyi Over Son’s Un-deeper-life-stic Wedding

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It is no longer news that son of ‘holiness preacher’ and the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F Kumuyi walked down the aisle with his heartthrob over the week. 

However, teeming followers of the respected former university don have condemned the classy wedding, which they tagged: Un-deeper-life-stic.

A close look at the weeding pictures of the couple posted online saw the bride donned in accessories that had been anathema to the ministry.

She was clad in a transparent fitted stylish short sleeves wedding gown, eyelashes, earrings makeup and wedding flower, which had never happened in the history of the ministry.

An angry follower of Kumuyi, after viewing the pictures commented, “People have refused to live their own life but rather attach it to an apron of hypocritical philosophy and man made doctrine. I exonerate the dynamic Senior Kumuyi,I think it is the people that have refused to change, I respect Kumuyi and his teachings but the people he is teaching are not learning, it is a pity, religion should embrace freedom, that is what the bible said. It only warned that you should not use your liberty for evil, or take the grace for granted.”

To another Emeka Jane, the development would lead to something else. She voiced her conviction thus, “I believe that with this, Deeper Life will metamorphose into something else. Those (some members) who have been looking for an opportunity like this to dress as they like, will cease this particular opportunity.

“And who says the lady is not a believer? Another John Edward querried, “Doing what pleases her without being condemned by God on a one in life time event, does that make her an unbeliever. One hymn says, ‘if heart condemns you not, you will have a glorious rest’ and please don’t indulge in sin by judging others, most especially servants of the most high, leave the judgment to God who created all of us.” He warned.


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  1. Nobody is above the law, Pastor Kumuyi cannot preach another thing and allow his children to do another thing. Charity begins at home

    • Why judging Kumuyi? Did the duo commit sin. Christianity is not been in Bondage. U can only take a horse to the river but cannot force it to drink it.

      • Chigozie, u are right. The senior pastor has done his own bit and cannot be judged for d actions of his children. D girl has her life to live. In any case, what sin has she committed?

  2. A. Wise. Man once.said living is doing what you want to do and not what you are forced to do by and for the conviction of others

  3. D standard of God wil nt change bcos of anybody & i’m sure pastor Kumuyi train his son d way of Holiness,he has done his own part as a father,bt we shld al rememeber dat JOhn is an adult He is accountable to God & not man.CHristian race is personal & Christ is our perfect example not any man. of a trut jeweries and all face paintin inlcuding wavon,attachment,trouser for female is not of d Lord.IF u are a born again Christian & stil usin al dis, if u die in such a condition hell is home

    • Who are you to determine whr a person wud go? You hypocrite!!! Who made trousers? And was it God who gave d instructions that trouser belonged to men/women, you’re probably making reference to Deut22:5… And as for jewelry, read Eze16:8-14 and so many others… Gold is natural resource made by God and everything He created is perfect and also meant for our consumption or if u say I’m wrong, then u shouldn’t also use oil cos its also part of the natural resource God made for our consumption as well… If u say I’m dwelling on the old testament, u should read the book of revelation which describes what Heaven is made of: Then there’s the saying that ‘the streets of Heaven is made of Gold’ Perhaps you should ask the Holy spirit to open ur eyes to understand the scriptures better… You should also teach the person putting these ideas in ur head or if u continue in this path, hell will become ur home…

      • Its unfortunate that some believers uptill now do not know their right from their left, so pathetic that someone will just quote another persons understanding of the word of God as if that is what God said. Am happy the couple decieded to appear in a way that is good for them not minding what they were taught as the ways of holiness,they have not sinned bf God, its high time belivers starts experiencing the freedom Christ called them than following dumb doctrines that turns them to hypocrite and scares new converts away, who said a woman should not wear trouse that its a sin? Tell me the chapter and verse it is written then I will tell you where it is written in the bible that skirt” is for men. What this couple have done will change the shabby, raggy look of deeper life members in future! God help us to know that modesty is the standard and nothing beyond that

    • Who are you to determine where a person would go? You hypocrite!!! Who made trousers? And was it God who gave d instructions that trouser belonged to men/women, you’re probably making reference to Deut22:5… And as for jewelry, read Eze16:8-14 and so many others… Gold is natural resource made by God and everything He created is perfect and also meant for our consumption or if u say I’m wrong, then u shouldn’t also use oil cos its also part of the natural resource God made for our consumption as well… If u say I’m dwelling on the old testament, u should read the book of revelation which describes what Heaven is made of: Then there’s the saying that ‘the streets of Heaven is made of Gold’ Perhaps you should ask the Holy spirit to open ur eyes to understand the scriptures better… You should also teach the person putting these ideas in ur head or if u continue in this path, hell will become ur home…

  4. GS did nt plan a birthday party for an underaged child. The children planned this wedding, and i’m convinced that GS has no hand in it. They are grown ups and they’ll answer to God

    • Brother,you are right.Count the GS out of it.The GS is a great man of God that is very principled in his walk with God.

  5. I wonder y people casting aspersions on d man of God.One thing we are forgetting is dat d young man,I mean d son,is an adultn has d right to conduct his marriage whichever way he deems fit with nothing anyone can do to stop him,including his dad.Also,has anyone ever heard of anytime dat Pastor Kumuyi specifically gave dress code to his members?No! Thus,we shld b careful of the words we utter against men of God lest d holy spirit smite our mouths.For it is written,’Touch not my anointed n do my prophet no harm.’

  6. I am very disappointed at Information Nigeria. It is quite unexpected of them to have presented this information in false an unprofessional manner. The Picture posted here is not the true picture of John’s wedding. Infact it was even photo shopped. In the picture Information Nigeria posted, the groom was edited out so that people would not know the truth. That is bad of information Nigeria, a respected site for that matter.

  7. Don’t always look for a fault in men of God to criticize them cos they are also human beings like us. It is only God that knows who is worthy of Him, you may think you are perfect but to God it may be the peeson you think is worst that is perfect in His sight. Please let’s be careful in the way we react to issues, God bless us all

  8. I have personally followed comments on pictures of John Kumuyi’s wedding and I think there’s need for us to understand a number of things about the church (DCLM). One of the brother who commented on the page tried pointing out the difference between dogmatism and doctrines. The doctrines DLBC boldly preaches are Repentance, Holiness, Sanctification , Trinity, Restitution, Water and Holy Ghost baptism and so on… (see this links for details:
    These are bible doctrines and as such are UNCHANGEABLE. The other interesting part that causes a whole lot of stirs especially among youths as we can evidently see in comments generated from John’s wedding pictures yesterday are d “dogmas”. Dogmatism constitutes an expression of strong opinions about issues/topic/concepts by persons. These opinions as much as most youths detests them have bn helpful in keeping the body of Christ in tune over the years. The very fine idea that brought about dogmatism in the church is CHRISTIAN CONSECRATION; making heaven at all cost! No matter the sacrifice.. A backup for this deeper Christian consecration can be drawn from an admonition by Christ which says “And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.” This generally represents the background of most of the church’s strong opinion on issues. It is unfortunate most members and even leaders ignorantly misrepresent them as laid down rules. A common old time example of the exhibition of dogmatism is the TV. Our innocent tv box which struggles with signals from one or two uncoordinated local stations was an eye some Christians needed to block off in those days. That was a strong opinion of consecration in those days, it however earned the innocent box the title “devil’s box” Fortunately a lot of communities, denominations and even other religions independent of deeper life shares the same view then. But when media houses started becoming more coordinated and cable networks started assigning stations exclusively for certain purposes. Opinions started changing and it became obvious you can actually avoid watching indecency with your TV set if u don’t want to. This is clearly the case with a lot of things changing in the church today. Over two years ago, W.F Kumuyi came down heavily to address the strict conditions adapted by the church’s marriage committee and since then things have bn changing in marriage coordination in the church. John’s wedding is definitely not the first to reflect those changes perhaps its just noticeable because of the societal status. Opinion changes with time and circumstance around but the doctrine of the Word of God never change.
    To be honest, the church is over 40years and a lot of things are changing in the world, but the truth is that, the church’s profession of faith, doctrines, that of salvation, sanctification, restitution, marriage’s monogamy, Trinity, Rapture, Holiness and other godly virtues we uphold are UNCHANGING. Mind you, our deeper consecration are still intact, there might be a change in gear due to the nature of the road for adaptivity purposes. but we r definitely driving on..
    Its really not about what we do or what we don’t do, its about being determined to get to heaven by all means! And I’m telling you, if we discover walking with our two legs only makes us more prone to eternity in hell. I bet some of us will be ready to crawl 4 d rest of our lives. And if, with time circumstance changes and running seems to be the safest means; then we would start grooming splinters in d church.. That is the true spirit of Christian consecration that is inspired by the Servant of God, W.F Kumuyi.
    God bless y’all.
    NB: Information Nigeria! The bride wasn’t wearing an earing and no excessive makeups, its a society wedding and we can all see it live and the event was on record. Learn to keep your integrity Intact!

  9. When prophet Mohammad(pbuh) died, one of his companion said to the congregation ”he who worship mohammad then know that mohammad is dead, and he who worship Allah, know that Allah is forever living”
    W.F. Kumuyi and the son are humanbeing like us and they are also subjected to make mistake. If one now say bcos of this you’ll now go to church without headscarf or putting on tight clothe, remember you’re not worshiping God but man.

  10. Why should other people be condeming GS?If the lady and the man were in jewels and flamboyant costumes,they planned it! Pastor Kumuyi cannot force his son. If you want to dress how u want ,do it because we’r all going to be judged

  11. Du u rememba dat eli was a man of God but was condemd bcos of d life style of his childrn?if dia is a purnishment made 2 a deeper life memba 4 such offences.den it shuld b given 2 d kumuyi’s,4 justice sake.u cant preach sumtn else nd du odawise.u cant say d Gs is not aware of hs own son wedn plan.nd 4 those deprivn demselve of lukn gud by putn on jewelries nd trousers nd odas.beta try nd make dat u wont score 2:0 by suffern here on earth nd also up there in hell.nd kip decievn urselfs by lukn holly ouside while ur hearts ar dirty nd 4 the kumuyis due punishment shuld b given 2 anyone whu du not kip 2 dia doctrines.

  12. She’s not even wearing earring!so why the false alarm,she grew up and studied abroad,where they practise their religion with free mind and nobody dictates to them wat they should put on or wat to wear,God or the bible didn’t give specifications for wedding codes.most of the doctrines are man made and can be reviewed stop criticizing.if its a sin to wear trouser then God allow corpers to sin for a year,and engineers to sin for 8hrs working time,common let’s be realistic,modesty is the key thing,abeg I gbadun you jare,she didn’t satisfy the world to make herself unhappy.did God tell you she sinned????

  13. We should all remember that our set of choices eventually decide our eternal destination.Let d words of Jesus guide the doctrine you follow,and the choices you make.

  14. If we ve stood 4 smthin 4 forty yrs and then break it, we r trangressors: wait and see wat d church would turn into. Kumuyi will regret 4 keeping quite

  15. You guys should remember Fela’s song follow follow. If u dey follow open eyes, open sense. Even the most conservative church on earth, Catholic is adjusting to the contemporary trends.

  16. Each one of us should keep on striving for the goal in order to win the PRIZE. HELL IS REAL, TAKE YOUR OWN CROSS AND FOLLOW JESUS, WITHOUT BE LIKE ANY BODY. FOCUS ON JESUS. READ THIS PLS (ISAIAH 66:1-5)(PHILIPPIANS 3:12-14). God be with us all.

  17. Man is so quick to judge, when we finish our judgement God will still have to do d final judgement,weda jewel,trousers,painting,its all left for God follow ur mind n serve as u can Broda kumuyi isn’t d most righteous man on earth get that men

  18. The woman did not put on earring o. Information nigeria where una take c dat pic. D standard has not changed in deeper life.

  19. Don’t know y we are such it dressing like a masquerade dat makes one a Christian? What’s wrong with d wedding attires?most of us are actors in God’s house,we condemn openly wat we love in secret..let d young man b,he’s only being true to himself.

  20. pls correct ur title, we can never blast our pastor bc of this. it is not d responsibility of my GS to plan (approve or disapprove) d wedding for them ,but d function of d Jamaica pastor. d point still remain,how are they conducting wedding in jamaica b4 now, bc we cant enforce our (Nigeria)style on them. believing d testimony of eye witness, d lady has been moderate enough.

  21. Pls all those criticizing d man of God should start begging God 4 forgiveness,bcos they ve touched d anointed of God by their words.moreover dis information is not true.its a ploy of d wicked ones 2 bring division in d house of God.d wedding gown u saw,dats d way d church in jamaica do theirs.GOD BLESS U.

  22. Its only Nigeria church dat put demself in boundage,u people are just blabing n mean while d wedding was conducted in Jamaica,

  23. what God wnts frm us is our hearts nt dressing as long as u re nt naked n moreover there is nothing wrong with the bride’dressing or make up she is just ok ………………@ d complainer u wntd her to put a long skirt n blouse once in a while life time thing na wa oooooooooo while d man neatly dressed in suits abi pls u pple shuld stop misleading people with ur religious n preach[THE WORD]

  24. May God forgive us ALL. But why is d face of d man not show to be so sure. Be a gud listener but be careful in giving responce.

  25. Remember Ur creator i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ d̶̲̥̅̊ days of Ur youth. We were all created by God and for God’s pleasure are u living Ur life τ̲̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ please God or τ̲̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ please self? If u L♥√ع God u’ll obey his commandments. God says we should βε̲̣̣ holy just as He i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ holy , a̶̲̥̅ son of a̶̲̥̅ sheep can never βε̲̣̣ a̶̲̥̅ goat. Holiness i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ paramount i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ christiandom this i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ what makes Christianity a̶̲̥̅ way of life not a̶̲̥̅ religion like so many others out there. βε̲̣̣ holy within (heart) and without(appearance).We all should remember our time on earth i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ very short compared τ̲̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ eternity even u live τ̲̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ βε̲̣̣ 200 yrs of age it i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ a̶̲̥̅ mere speck i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ eternity. Live Ur life for God live ur life for eternity with Him i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Heaven. God loves u so much He doesn’t want τ̲̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ loose u forever. So AMend ur ways! May we not regret our decisions may it not βε̲̣̣ too late for us IJN.

  26. W.F kumuyi was right in all his doctrine, i Just don’t knw why some people allow themselves to be instruments in d hand of d devil, it is true that God created those things and gave them to us but we misused them and were asked to take them off exodus 33:5, Isaiah 3:16-end. So, if u are using Jewellery, painting ur nails, using false hair, using bleach cream, female that put’s on trousers, and finally those who use eyelashes etc all in d name of fashion, permit me to tell u that u all are not only under spells and courses but are doomed. Learn how to dress from real Islam women, how does the bible tells u to dress? Read, Romans 12:1,1 peter 3:1-6, 1 timothy 2:9. Don’t forget that 70percent so called pastors are out there not to win souls for God but to win cash for there pockets and the tell u what u want to here and not the truth because they themselves knw were they are heading to and would’t want to go alone. Plzzz don’t fall to there deceptions.

  27. REMEMBER therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast and repent.if therefore thou shalt not watch, i will come on thee as a thief,and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee(Rev 3:3).please dont allow John Kumuyi wedding make you forget this vers so soon.Remember!! he will stand on his own and you will stand on your own before GOD.

  28. ţђęŗę wāş ā qųoţęş by dęāŗ māŋ oƒ God wђįçђ şţāţęş ţђāţ; şāįŋţ şђoųldŋ’ţ bę jųdgęd by şįŋŋęŗş. ƒollow God wįţђoųţ blęmįşђ, āŋd įţ’ş węll wįţђ yoų

  29. Don’t mind them, they will cover everywhere pretending to be holy but their heart is as dark as charcoal, very wicked set of pple. Christianity starts frm inside of u, if u like cover ur nose, carry ur natural hair, don’t wear ear rings, avoid everything in the world, if ur heart is not pure and u dont ve love for ur neighbours then hell fire awaits u. So stop deceiving urself. Leave the man and his family to leave their lives.

  30. To mi if truly it happend dia is notin wrong afta ol children r brought up we’ll yet dy tend to do d wrong thing so free kumuyi n hold d son responsible let mi ask how many of u don’t go against ur parents teachin n warning

  31. I belief that every organization has a standard. institutions has it’s own standard, that why is wat it is today,even in shrine they have their own pattern,God might give the pattern he want him to use to prepared or breed up soul for him . and so, if you know that the pattern of your Church did not suit you better find your way out instead of bringing confusion to the body of Christ, because I it take time to build, and does not take time to destroy,remember Christ is near be careful.


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