Desmond Elliott Offers Money Back Guarantee


Nollywood star and actor Desmond Elliott has vowed that fans who are not amused by his latest project The Place can have their money back. According to, a statement from his office read: ”I know this is not the kind of things people say in Nollywood but I’m staking all on this movie, if you buy the DVD and its not ‘very funny’ to you, contact me, I will refund your money in full’, in what looks like a publicity move as well as a step to take on pirates, Elliott continued, ”I know this will come across as chest-thumping to some people but it is not. I am 110% sure of this movie. This movie is my biggest project so far and so different from everything I have done. One, it is a comedy, two, the script is ‘lively and engaging’, you won’t be able to do any other thing while watching this movie. If the movie falls short of your expectation, I’ll refund your money. That is a promise. You can contact me on Twitter or through the store you purchase the DVD but it has to be the original DVD.’